10 Steps to Transition from Job to Dharma

10 Steps to Transition from Job to Dharma
Melissa Carver

Dharma, the principal of cosmic order, is your life’s purpose. This definition is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you are ask what you “do.” You can ask various people all day long this same question and their answers will be their job title. Even those who are in the life practice of consciousness still have a hard time releasing the programming of the title, rather than their internal gift(s).

If you’re in a transition period with your job, stepping into your Dharma should be your intention. Consider what your soul provides on this earth, instead of just the actions to receive a pay check (although that’s still necessary). Here are 10 steps to transition from just doing a job to living into your life’s purpose.

1. Pinpoint Your Dharma

Before you can plan to move forward, you must decide what you are moving toward exactly. You might have some ideas of what you think would suit your personality or purpose in a more fulfilling manner than your current job, but take the time to research those careers instead of assuming they are the “one.” It is a daily practice of reminding your subconscious mind that your job is not who you are. It is merely a role you play in your movie, ever changing with growth and knowledge. If a CEO leaves a Fortune 500 corporation to work at a lawn care company planting flowers, everyone around her would think she had lost her mind, right? Or has she merely found her soul?

Your Dharma may be to take on a role that has a higher income than your present job, but that is just another topic to add to the list of facts about the position, not your Dharma list. For example, wearing scrubs may be on a job fact sheet, but it is most likely not your Dharma to wear those scrubs. Separate these list from each other. Of course, you’re allowed to take into consideration those facts when making a decision, but a division line does help.

Finding your Dharma is an amazing evolution for your self-knowledge and liberation. Note that whatever you may choose to step into first doesn’t have to be the last. As you continue to evolve, meet more like-minded people, and expand your vision of what is even possible with your Dharma, the Universe will provide more choices.

2. Incorporate Dharma into Your Current Job

As you discover your true self, explore various ways you could incorporate that in what you already do on a daily basis. For example, if you’re thinking of going into some type of therapist role that allows others to speak more as you speak less, practice true listening instead of continuing to type as someone peaks over your computer to ask a question.

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Source: Deepak Chopra  

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