10 Ways to Transform the Blues into Inspiration

10 Ways to Transform the Blues into Inspiration
Leo Carver

Suffering is part of the human experience. Whether with yourself, others, or circumstances, there will be times in your life when you will have to fight through hardship. When dealing with the blues, it is important to remain centered and know that you will get through no matter how troubling of a time you may be experiencing. Here are 10 helpful ways to transform the blues into sunshine and move forward with your life.

1. Stay Grounded

It is important to stay grounded and centered in moments of distress. When the whole world seems to be against you and all is lost, remember your true self. Spend time in meditation and stillness. Give time to yourself in ways that give you peace. In doing so, you will think and act from a place within yourself that is not wrapped up in the sadness of the moment. Get plenty of rest and relax.

2. Don’t Give in to the Emotion

Emotions can be powerful vehicles for your life, creating the background of everything you experience. When you are experiencing the blues, everything may seem negative around you. It’s crucial in these moments to recognize that your feelings are helping to create the despair. If you do not feel empowered to change your emotions, then at the very least, don’t let them control you. Accept that you are going through a dark time and try to continue on in spite of it. Even when this is not easy, the effort is worth it to move forward. Do not stress yourself with too much activity, but also do not let your blues stop you in your tracks. Find the balance and push onward.

3. Spend Time with Positive People

Surrounding yourself with positive people is always a good thing to do, but when you’re going through a rough time, positive people can sometimes be annoying. You may find yourself agitated by their happiness and zest for life, while yours is in such a mess. However, you can use their example and energy as inspiration. The best thing is to not bring your blues to the situation. You do not want to go hang out with your positive friend just to have a crying session about your problems. Unless you’re invited to talk about it, don’t.

Leave your problems at home, and just soak up some good vibes. Listen and just be. It may help to find an activity to do or an event to attend with these friends that takes your mind off of what you’re going through. Also, it can help to read or watch other people’s stories of struggle and perseverance. There are YouTube videos and many other outlets that can provide inspiration and positive belief for you in your time of need.

4. Be Active

Sadness creates a tendency towards apathy and lethargy. In order to turn this around, be active. Within reason, it is okay …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra  

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