12 Science Based Techniques To Keep You Productive

12 Science Based Techniques To Keep You Productive

My name is Danny Donchev. I’ve been running my own business since 2004. I can choose my working hours and days which looks very sweet to people which have 5-9 jobs but in reality there are times when I wish to have somebody to urge me to get my job done and to stop procrastinating.

I’ve found that being just motivated is not enough to stay focused, goal oriented and productive. I have been digging scientific facts about how to increase my productivity and I built a system that I would like to share with you.

1. Have your day planned a night before

Planning ahead of time has been proven to work in your favour. For instance, if you take a minute to plan, you will save 10 minutes when executing. The best way to go about this is having a piece of paper to write down your schedule for the next day. If you find it hard to write this a day before, make sure you do it early in the morning. The benefits of having this list include:

  • It clarifies your thoughts and goals for the day
  • Forces you to think at a much higher level
  • You can increase your output by 25% each day you have a list
  • Most millionaires work with a list

2. Have a morning walk

If you are used to taking a cup of coffee in the morning to activate your day, why don’t you consider having a 30-minute walk early in the morning? You just get a Godlike feeling when you are outside while everybody else is still asleep. The brain will start releasing serotonin and dopamine after the 15th minute of your walk. These are the two chemicals produced in the brain that improve your moods throughout the day and protect you against mental health disorders.

Your body produces Serotonin especially when you engage in long-term cardio exercise. This in turn decreases depression and hostility so that you can have an agreeable social behaviour. Dopamine on the other hand improves your long-term memory and mood. With high pleasurable feelings in your brain, you will find yourself being productive in your business more than ever.

3. Take a deep breath

Being a small organ in our body that represents only 2% of our body weight, the brain uses an astonishing 20% of the body’s oxygen supply. This tells you something—the brain needs oxygen to perform even the most basic functions. The neurons that control every action in the brain from conscious actions like thoughts and planning to automatic unconscious processes like digestion and heart rate need glucose.

So, for the brain’s cells to metabolize glucose and convert it into energy, oxygen must be present. This is why you will not think straight when there is insufficient oxygen in the body. What normally happens when the brain lacks oxygen is that the cells become weak.

What makes a person procrastinate important duties is due to the excess anxiety levels in the brain. This can only be remedied when your brain is oxygenated. You should thus pay …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison