18 Months Without Exercising: Here`s What I Learned

18 Months Without Exercising: Here`s What I Learned
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Success is something you attract by the person you become.” – Jim Rohn

I`d like to start with a personal introduction. I`m the fat kid who then became the gym rat. Unfortunately, this isn`t the full story.

After years of heavy cardio and tons of chicken breasts, I thought I finally cracked the code to a permanent healthy lifestyle, and I`d never return to my old habits. But I was wrong, and all I needed was a couple of injuries and a few months at home to lose everything I gained fitness-wise. I injured myself three times in less 18 months —a hernia, a broken leg and an injured back and soon I went back to all my bad eating habits.

I couldn`t exercise at all, not even run, so I gained all the weight I lost. Precisely, 80 pounds. And I had to find a way, not only to stop gaining more weight but also to prevent such relapse from ever happening again in the future. I began reading about nutrition, and more importantly, about how healthy people think and perceive food cause that was my biggest problem. I was in a battle, and since I couldn`t rely on working out to burn fat, I had to teach myself better ways to control my food consumption, and in the end, I won that battle.

Today, I`m not going to tell you what I have eaten to lose those 80 pounds I had previously gained. Instead, I`m going to show you how to think to stay fit for a lifetime. I will show you why some people are physically healthy and some aren`t, why most people don`t stay in shape even after losing a considerable sum of weight and, more importantly, what mindsets you should keep to lose weight and never gain it back, ever.
If this strikes a chord, then here are my tips for you:

Tip #1: Goals don`t work (Opt for Systems Instead)

Throughout my career I’ve had my antennae up, looking for examples of people who use systems as opposed to goals. In most cases, as far as I can tell, the people who use systems do better.” – Scott Adams

There`s a difference between living healthy because your circumstances demand so, and living healthy because you choose to do so. Athletes are fit because they won`t have a career if they don`t. The same thing goes for people who do physical work all day long. They`re active all the time, so they burn lots of calories. Plus, when you`re always on the move, you don`t get to think much about food unless you are starving.

This lifestyle is usually good for a while, but when these people retire or switch jobs, they gain weight very quickly because nobody taught them how to control their food intake when the stakes are no longer high. I had the same problem when I got injured.

Before, I was always into sports, and I used my competitiveness to control what I eat. However, when exercise was off the …read more
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