20 Things Guys Look Out For On Their First Date

20 Things Guys Look Out For On Their First Date
Woman getting rose on first date

The first day of every date is always filled with great anticipation from the guys and the ladies. Everyone wants to be on their best – physically, mentally, emotionally in order to keep a lasting memory in the mind of their date.

In order to appear attractive some might unconsciously or consciously fall into the trap of putting on a double face which wasn’t a part of the agenda.

First date could be a memorable day that most people will forever live with while to some persons it might be a torture.

The excitement is so high because you are focused on what to wear, what could be his first word, the thought that is running through his head and lots more.

The atmosphere is so tense that it can only get better when the date is finally over.

Every guy has what he is looking for in a woman but most often there are specific things we all look for as guys when it comes to issues patterning to the opposite sex.

Your attitude towards time

The first thing I notice is if she’s ready when she said she’d be ready!”- George H.

Your attitude towards time to a total strange on your first date speaks volume about the things you give priority to. We are all confined by time and it will be wrong for you to have waste your own time and now think that you can do same to someone else.

Be honest

Be yourself and don’t put up a front. You have all the time to let your potential date or long time boyfriend know your likes, dislike, what value you place on yourself and things that pertain to your happiness. Your good and bad habits should be put on the table and he will have no option to let loose of himself too.

Give him the opportunity to chase you

Most guys find it fun to chase after their woman rather than her given too easy to his advances. Even though if she comes out stress- free does not mean that she is a cheap girl. On the other hand, some guys prefer not to stress themselves chasing over a lady for too long but all the same give him reason why he should want to chase after you.

Enjoy the fun and let him see that you are having a nice time

Love is a process and is never built overnight. Do not mistake lust and infatuation to be love because they do not look alike in anyway. The guy is out there with you to enjoy his day, reciprocate same and enjoy his company too. Nothing annoys a guy more, when the lady starts to puts up an attitude of having to do some other important thing than the date she’s already in. if you truly have something better, why did you accept to come out for a date with him?

Keep the conversation flowing

If it takes two to tangle, then it takes two to keep the communications flowing. It is not wise for anyone to be …read more
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