3 Conscious Parenting Tips For Parenting In The New Paradigm

3 Conscious Parenting Tips For Parenting In The New Paradigm

Parenting in the new paradigm requires parents who are ready to parent from an awakened state. Which would invite them to take a hands on, ears open, constantly tuned in approach. Allowing expression of the soul! The children being born in today’s world have an internal mission to help shift the collective consciousness of this planet, which is requiring a new way of parenting. Some of the children coming in are very purpose driven.

Conscious Parenting Tip # 1 – The Importance Of Parental Self Care.

Whether you are a new parent, seasoned parent or an empty nester, throughout the daily bump and grind of life it is easy to forget how to take care of yourself. Take time to allow yourself quiet time for soul searching and self-reflection. It’s a great way to obtain peace and serenity. Being balanced and grounded will help you become the best intentional conscious parent you can be.

We’ve all heard since we were little children the importance of eating a healthy diet & proper nutrition. We can speak from experience what you eat and put into your body matters. We really recommend taking the time to learn about eating healthy, how certain foods affect you physically and emotionally. All food comes with either nutrition or toxins so choose wisely. Everything in moderation.

Everybody’s needs are different. It’s important to give yourself the proper amount of sleep. Your body is working 24/7. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Bring as much joy into your life as possible. It is a scientific fact when you smile you release happy endorphins in your brain. Smiling is contagious and brings joy into the lives around you.

Don’t lose yourself during the parenting process. It’s important to still feed your soul along with feeding your child’s. Continue to express yourself through crafts, sports, reading, music or exercise. Whatever your hobbies and passions are don’t put them on hold for eighteen years. Incorporate them into your parenting life.

Releasing energy through movement or exercise is very beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. Ride a bike, take a nature walk, yoga, play handball, golf or walk your dogs. Take a walk with your child. Do whatever it takes to not be stagnant.

Conscious Parenting Tip #2 – Parenting With An Open Mind

Conscious parenting is a way of parenting with an open mind, bringing your authentic self into your teachings, discussions, and …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison