The 3 Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work

Free webinar - 'The 3 Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work’ with Neale Donald Walsch.

At the end of a typical day, do you feel fulfilled, grateful, and happy?

Or do you more often feel frustrated, exhausted and disappointed from dealing with what seems like one struggle after another?

If the latter is true, then I want to encourage you to attend an upcoming free event being held by our friend, bestselling author of the Conversations with God series of books, Neale Donald Walsch.

It’s called The 3 Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work, and those who’ve attended in the past have shared incredibly inspiring stories of how their whole lives have been transformed by what they learned.

Their relationships have improved, both in their personal lives and at work…

Their efforts to make changes and pursue their goals and dreams have progressed in a kind of natural flow state…

And they’ve reported substantial increases in their overall levels of joy and satisfaction with their lives.

Here’s what a few others have shared after receiving this teaching from Neale:

“Prior to attending the ‘3 Secrets’ event, I was struggling with divorce, unemployment, and starting my life again from zero. I have now learned to take responsibility for myself and my actions, to understand Oneness, and see others with love. I understand that the purpose of my life is in how many lives I touch. I now know where happiness comes from—within!”

Helena, California

“I’ve started living my dream of having more finances and a healthy relationship. And now I have money saved in the bank and my basic needs are covered abundantly. I also have a more fulfilling relationship with my husband, because we are more loving, caring and respectful towards each other. I feel like I found my soulmate in him.”

Miertje, Suriname, South America

“I used to be afraid to forge ahead in any way. Now I’m a property owner and I hold down a full time job, whereas before I wasn’t even employed. My life has changed because I have a clearer mindset. I had so many ‘aha’ moments!”

Shirley, New Zealand

Let Neale Show You How to End Your Struggle Right Now – at No Charge.  Register hereThe 3 Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work
Imagine waking up each morning feeling a sense of aliveness, abundance and connection—both to others and to the world around you…

Imagine moving through your day without stress, knowing you’ll have enough time and money to take care of your needs and focus on your passions…

If this is the kind of life you’d like to be living, then I urge you to attend Neale’s event to find out the 3 secrets that have allowed thousands of others to do exactly that.

This incredible event will show you how to radically change your entire experience of your life with a simple shift in the way you show up every day.

It’s really that simple.

Here’s the link to register for this free event: The 3 Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work

One more thing As long as you sign up to attend the event, you’ll be able to listen live and/or download the recording afterwards.

About Neale Donald Walsch


This year is the 22nd anniversary of the publication of Neale’s first ​Conversations with God​ book series. The series has sold more than 10 million copies in 37 languages, worldwide.Neale is one of the major authors in the new spirituality movement, having written 28 other books, with eight books on the ​New York Times ​bestseller list. His life and work have helped to create and sustain a worldwide spiritualrenaissance, and he travels globally to bring the uplifting message of the ​Conversations with God ​books to peopleeverywhere.