4 Mindful Practices to Declutter Your Home

4 Mindful Practices to Declutter Your Home
Michelle Fondin

Spring is a time of renewal. Awakening from the winter slumber, you find yourself with motivation that was dormant for several months. All of the sudden, you have bursts of energy as you open the windows, breathe in the spring air, and then realize your home is messier and more cluttered than you would like. You’re hit with the unpleasant thought of where to begin and how to go about getting rid of things you no longer need. Overwhelm takes over, and you find yourself wanting to go for a hike in the woods, rather than confront the task at hand.

As part of your extended body, you can strive to make your environment an extension of who you are. Instead of looking at getting rid of clutter as another task or chore, consider it as a means to bless your space and make it sacred. Your decluttering activities can become meditative as you contemplate the energy you want surrounding you.

Assess the Energy

Even though inanimate objects seem to be just that, inanimate, everything carries energy. Have you ever talked to your car? I know people who not only name their vehicles, but talk to them too. If you have an old car, that sometimes doesn’t start, try talking to it. Innately you know that this energy exists everywhere.

As you begin to declutter a room, start by assessing the energy in the objects that are contained within. Does the room feel confined and constricted or open and airy? Do you feel sad when you walk in or neutral? Notice your body as you stand in the center of the room and look around. How is your body responding to the space?

As you go around the room and start to pick up objects, assess a positive or negative vibe. Make a pile of objects that are positive or neutral, and ones that are negative. If it’s furniture that’s too difficult to move, make a note of the energy and place sticky notes on them. Then, take several of the objects that are in the negative pile and move them out of the room. Go back in the room and assess the overall energy. You might notice a shift. Repeat the exercise until you only have objects with positive vibes in the room.

In order to make a correct assessment about the energy, you may have to clear the room once you’re done assessing it by burning a white sage smudge stick with the windows closed. Once you’re done smudging the room (with the smoke only), you can open the windows to let the negative energy out.

Keep What You Love, Let Go of the Rest

Even if an object feels positive or if it evokes a great memory, you might not love it enough to keep it. Crocheted doilies from the early 1900s, or shot glasses from senior year spring break may …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra  

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