5 Golden Tips to Finally Make Your Desired Life Change Happen

5 Golden Tips to Finally Make Your Desired Life Change Happen

You know they will always come back.

These moments, where you lose yourself in dreams about how your life could be, so colorfully different to what it is now.

And just like these dreamful thoughts always come back, you lose sight of them, again and again.

Sometimes, because the daily grind quickly pulls you back into your real life. Often, because you just don’t feel ready yet to make that epic life change.

But if you always decide against the change, why do these dreams keep on coming back? Why are they so persistent?

The answer is simple: Even though you refuse the life change over and over again, your innermost dearly wants it.

Yes, you want to live your dream life, but you are scared to face all the changes and unknowns of building it.

It’s what makes the majority of us live a somewhat mediocre, sometimes even unhappy life.

But you and your wonderful opportunities in life don’t have to stay stuck in that change phobia.

Here are five tips that might even make your life change start today!

1. Don’t wait for big events

Looking back, I have a long history of dreaming about changing my life.

But year after year, I didn’t do it. I stayed in my marketing pro career that was not really about my passions but provided me the security I wanted.

Then came the change: I lost my job. Security gone.

First I applied for jobs in my profession. But soon my dreams and passions took advantage of my “unstable situation”: They became so dominant in my head and in my heart that I had no choice but create my future based on them.

Today, I know I could have done that epic change much earlier in my life, without a drastic event (losing my job) as the starting point.

Yes, we don’t have to wait for big events (wich are often not very nice ones) to make big changes!

Your strong desire to change your life is a sign big enough; it doesn’t take an earthquake to get your official go!

2. Don’t wait for the perfect day

So you’ve made up your mind – you definitely want to take the plunge and make that epic life change.

But, today you’re too busy in your job.

Actually, the whole week is pretty packed with all kinds of urgent stuff.

Well, to be honest, it’s next month* when your schedule offers enough space for that big project…

You know where this ends: Your starting point never gets closer than “next month.”

This is probably the one big disadvantage: A life change without a preceding big bang event is very vulnerable to procrastination.

If you are not painfully forced to change your life, you will always find reasons why you can’t start with it today.

But you can start the change today, no matter how busy or chaotic your professional or personal life currently is.

The trick is to see your epic change as what it is: A process.

It’s a process that includes many small and big steps which all accumulate to you finally living your dream life.

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Source: Steven Aitchison