5 Lessons to Glean from Divine Couples

5 Lessons to Glean from Divine Couples
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Human life has always been defined and understood through relationships. Whether it be focusing on modern-era couples or looking to the wisdom of the ancients, much of this understanding has come from the dynamic relationships of masculine and feminine energies. Humanity’s earliest exploration into the Divine revealed the presence of both male and female essences on every level of creation.

If you look into yourself and at the world, it is easy to see how the Universe manifests these polarizing qualities. This romance between male and female entities has been immortalized in the form of several deities from every ancient culture around the world. When you analyze these relationships, you can identify parallels among divine couples in the ancient lands of east Africa, the lands of far Asia, and the Norse kingdoms of the North.

Today, there is still a lot that you can learn from these archetypical examples. If you are seeking a better understanding of yourself, the world, or your significant other, start by exploring lessons from these divine couples of the ancient world.


Many depictions of divine relationships come from a need to understand the creative processes of the Universe. As people tried to understand how things came to be, as well as their own inner workings, they developed sexual contexts for virtually all of nature. If you look at the world, you will see a constant dance of polarity and the results of that interplay

For example, ancient wisdom traditions often conveyed this truth of creation as universal parental figures. From the Sankhya philosophy of ancient India, you have the example of Purusha and Prakriti. These deities are not only meant to show the interplay of Pure Universal Consciousness (Purusha) with the Natural World (Prakriti), but also of your own consciousness with your mind-body expression. The copulation of Purusha and Prakriti results in all manifestations of the Universe and your experience of life.

You can see similar examples of this truth from ancient Kemet (Egypt) in Geb and Nut, or Asase Ya and Nyame of Akan culture from West Africa. Nut and Geb, literally “Heaven” and “Earth” respectively, were seen as the parents of five of the original deities of mankind. Their coming together was part of the daily cycle as the heavens join and depart from the earth at the horizon. The Akan people believed that Nyame, sky father god or pure spirit, and Asase Ya, goddess of earth and the physical world, were forever united and responsible for all we know of creation.

There are several bits of wisdom to receive from these three primordial power couples, including:

  • Polarity/differences can create liveliness and dynamism in relationships.
  • Attraction between two people has the potential to produce worlds of experience.
  • Equanimity and respect for each other are the foundations of a good relationship.
  • Equality in your own dualistic experience (inner and outer) brings health and vitality. Give equal energy to your inner …read more
    Source: Deepak Chopra
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