5 Partner Yoga Poses to Inspire Connection

By Lena Schmidt

woman doing yoga together
Lena Schmidt

So, you’ve discovered the joy of yoga. Now it’s time to spread the love! Grab a good friend, a co-worker, your lover, that guy in yoga class you’ve always wanted to meet, your kids, a neighbor (you get the idea, it could be anyone), and try doing some yoga poses together.

Todd Walton writes in the book Open Body, “Yoga for two gives us a wonderful opportunity to merge our intentions and move beyond barriers we’ve discovered in our aloneness. Yoga for two bodies is also yoga for two spirits.”

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page by asking some of these check-in questions before, during, and after the practice:

  • Does that feel okay?
  • Is that too much pressure?
  • Is it okay with you if I touch your knee?
  • Is it okay if I touch your arm like that?
  • How does that feel for you?
  • Do you want any more intensity?
  • How was that for you?

Being open-minded, openhearted, and willing to go with the flow makes this practice interesting and fun. Boundaries, ground rules, and clear intentions also ensure that the experience is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

The possibilities of doing yoga with a friend, lover, child, or parent are endless. Get creative and enjoy the company! Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Sit Back-to-Back and Breathe

partner yogaThis is a great place to begin. As you sit back to back, you’ll establish a connection without having to look at your partner (which can be vulnerable and awkward at the start).


  • Back support as you sit in meditation.
  • Relaxation and breath awareness through Pranayama.
  • A sense of well-being, pain relief, and comfort being touched.

Try it:

  • Sit back-to-back with your partner.
  • Come to sit comfortably. Cross your legs or put the souls of your feel together. Prop yourself on a blanket or bolster if your hips are tight.
  • Breathe together for a few moments just noticing how it feels to breathe with another person.
  • After a few moments, sync up your breathing: try breathing in together for three to five seconds and then out together for three to five seconds.
  • Continue like this for five rounds of breath.
  • Finish by sitting quietly in meditation for a few breaths and then checking in verbally.
  • An alternative option: This requires a bit more focus. Sync up by alternating inhales and exhales. As you inhale, your partner will exhale and vice versa. Your inhale is your …read more
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