5 Surprising Reasons for Parents to Stop Worrying

5 Surprising Reasons for Parents to Stop Worrying

Parents worrying about their kids seems like a pretty normal thing, right? I mean, we love our children and that’s why we worry about them from time to time (okay, maybe all the time). Worrying just means we care, it’s totally normal; but it is also totally unnecessary and potentially damaging in ways you might not realize.

“I worry because I love you” was a phrase frequently uttered and insinuated to me throughout most of my young life. I was taught that if you truly cared about something or someone, you worried and stressed over pretty much everything about them (it’s my Italian family’s tradition!). I spent the better part of my young life, into adult-hood, riddled with anxiety, from an engrained thinking pattern, filled with worst case scenario type thoughts and beliefs; it was hell!

By the time I had kids, the fears became almost overwhelming and I knew something had to change. I absolutely did not want to surround my kids with limits based on scenarios that actually didn’t even exist; except in my negatively trained mind. I was also beginning to experience a host of health issues, from migraines to fibroids, and I knew if I didn’ t make some changes it would only start getting worse. So I sought the help of a holistic health coach who taught me about clean eating but also, somewhat unexpectedly, shed light on how my worry wart habits were impacting my health and a whole lot more.

This awareness was literally life changing. For years my habitually fear based thinking had gone practically unnoticed by me and it was running the show; slowing ruining my health and peace of mind. The realization was powerful for me personally and it also completely changed my approach with parenting. Since worrying was shown to me as a child by my parents and adults in my family, I was also doing that with my own children on a regular basis; making way to many things a false crisis and teaching my own kids the same fear based thinking I had learned.

Realizing the implications of giving voice to your worries starts as a personal epiphany, but that does not mean its impact of it is limited to just you. Worrying affects everyone around you and in your life (especially those you worry about). From an energy standpoint, whatever we think about, say, or believe has a frequency. That …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison