5 Things to Start Doing Now to Improve Your Relationship

5 Things to Start Doing Now to Improve Your Relationship

Let me guess. You don’t understand why your relationships never turn out that great, right?

It looked promising at the start, but now…there are times when you wonder why you bother.

Except being alone doesn’t feel that great either.

Well, here’s a little secret…

You are designed for love in its highest form and here’s 5 things to start doing right now to improve your relationships.

1.First Be Complete

No one can complete you, in spite of those really moving words you hear spoken in movies.

Nor do you need to be completed.  You are a whole life just as you are.  You are one with creation.

It’s easy to lose yourself in your desire for love, but  it’s one of the most painful things you can do and never leads to a deep fulfilling connection .

And should anyone ever say  ‘you complete me’ run for the hills.  They’re telling you they’re not whole, they need you to fill a hole or to heal themselves with you. This is just a recipe for disaster be it in friendship, or love.

2.Accept the perfectly imperfect

Acknowledging that nothing and no-one is perfect is another great starting point.

We are all perfectly imperfect, it’s part of the balance that life has on offer.  Everything in this journey called life brings ups and downs, yes’s and no’s.  Love and anger. Pain and forgiveness.

Rejection and acceptance.

Once you let go of seeking perfection you are open to discovering the relationship that might be a perfect fit for you.  The imperfectly perfect one who dovetails perfectly with you.  And it’s a whole lot easier than looking for Mr or Mrs Perfect, especially since they don’t exist.

3.Get a handle on your relationship story

What’s your relationship story?  You know the one.  The one you’ve told yourself ever since that first relationship blew up scattering your heart into a million pieces.

Ask yourself…”Do I talk to my friends about how hard relationships can be? About the things that are wrong or have gone wrong in my past or present.?”

Be honest.  If the answer is yes bear in mind that whatever your beliefs or expectations are around relationships, if you want to do just one thing that will improve your relationship it’s revise the stories you’ve been telling yourself.

Remember it’s a lot easier to be negative than positive and each time you think, or talk about what’s challenging in your relationship, or what doesn’t work you are magnifying the problems.

Amazingly enough once you start telling yourself a new story such as “I deserve a wonderful, loving, supportive relationship.” Or. “I am deeply loved.”  Things will start to change.  The Universe will come to your aid and support you in experiencing this.

It’s life at its magical best.

4.Start your day with love

Look back on your life?  Can you see that your best moments, the ones that were the happiest were those when you were coming from love?

Good relationships don’t appear out of the clear blue sky.  They take nurturing, a willingness to talk, and an effort to make sure that the ‘We’ of you …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison