5 Tips for Maintaining Your Spiritual Practice While Traveling

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Spiritual Practice While Traveling
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Karson McGinley

Humans are creatures of habit who crave routine. Anytime your routine is disrupted, you may feel off center—an illness, injury, or a switch in jobs are just some life experiences that cause a disruption from life as you know it.

When interrupting your regularly scheduled program for a vacation, however, your routine is disrupted in favor of an ability to step outside your habits and see everything with fresh eyes— and, hopefully, that state of being is an enjoyable one. That positive experience is likely layered though, as most things are, since while on vacation your habits are additionally interrupted due to staying up late, eating at odd times of day, consuming too much caffeine/alcohol/sugar, etc. This can leave you feeling slightly hollow.

Travel Habits

When preparing to travel, have you ever asked yourself which habits stay and which ones go? Or do you throw all caution to the wind and do whatever you want, whenever you want?

For example:

  • If you are a vegetarian, do you continue to be vegetarian if you’re traveling abroad?
  • If you know your body can’t handle more than one glass of wine without feeling sick the next day, do you stick to that number when you’re in the spirit of relaxation and escape?
  • If you always wear a seatbelt in a car (which hopefully you do), do you continue to wear your seatbelt when you’re in a new city?
  • And if you meditate for 20 minutes every day before work, will you still do so when you are in the Bahamas?

The range of questions and answers is vast, but a worthwhile inquiry for a mindful and meaningful experience on your trips. If you abandon every routine you have, you’ll likely feel unsettled, overindulged, and, perhaps worst of all, guilty for “losing yourself” during a time that was intended for rejuvenation. Beyond continuing your commitment to wearing your seatbelt and brushing your teeth while you travel, consider re-affirming your spiritual practice on your journey; you will see that it may be one habit that nourishes you deeply by setting you up for a fuller experience of your days in the sun.

Here are five ways to continue your sadhana while traveling.

1. Create Your Intention

The first thing is to have the desire to maintain your practice while traveling. This sounds like an …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra

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