5 Ways to Shift Your Dating Mindset

By Traci Porterfield

Couple having intimate dinner of summer evening
Traci Porterfield

With Valentine’s Day upon us, many emotions tend to surface around dating and love … or the lack thereof. If answering the question “Why are you still single?” stirs feelings of frustration, self-doubt, insecurity, and/or loneliness, it’s time for an honest check in with yourself. Could your dating attitude be holding you back from finding the love you so desire? Are you ready to step into a space where anything is possible?

A few simple shifts in your dating mindset can make the journey easier and more enjoyable, and allow you to draw others to you like a magnet. The path isn’t always easy, yet with these shifts, the love of your life could be closer than you think!

1. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude has the power to transform your life—especially your love life. Allow gratitude to be your solid foundation to health, happiness, and love. It opens your heart and allows you to have more meaningful connections, think more positively, and enjoy the ups and downs that tend to go with those on a quest for their happily ever after. Gratitude makes you feel better about yourself and helps you attract the love you desire … and deserve.

So instead of focusing on what you lack, be grateful and happy with what you DO have, while taking action to attract love. Start simple—express gratitude to those around you who brighten your day: your friends and family, the barista, your dog-sitter, and even the neighbor who brings in your trash cans when you’re away.

Gratitude is also an antidote for worry, fear, and painful emotions. Whether you’re new to the dating world, or consider yourself a seasoned professional, daily gratitude raises your vibration and allows love to flow both to and from you. Be grateful for the people you dated who didn’t work out, and the lessons they gave you. Forgiveness makes you strong, releases anger and resentment, and promotes inner peace. When you feel grateful, you appreciate what’s already present in your life, even as you strive for more.

2. Do Something Different (DSD)

When is the last time you did something for the first time? When you choose to do something different, no matter how small, you bring new feelings, people, and oftentimes growth into your consciousness. “DSD” can be as simple as driving a different way to work, wearing a new color to the office or on …read more

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