5 Ways To Stop Putting Limits On Your Purpose-Driven Business

5 Ways To Stop Putting Limits On Your Purpose-Driven Business

Wow!  finally!  You got started. You found the courage to get started building a business, based around your purpose & calling and you are so happy and proud.   You can truly start to make a difference now, can’t you?  You can truly wake up feeling fulfilled and full of fun and adventure.  The birds are singing, the sun is shining and everything smells like roses, except it is not quite feeling all that great yet.  The money is not flowing as much as you would like.  The prospects are not paying attention in the way you had hoped and you feel uncertain about how to change things.

Here are 5 things to stop doing now, if you do want your business to grow.

1. Stop Thinking That Everyone Should Read your Mind

Everyone is busy with their own life.  Yes, you hope that ‘everyone’ will be interested in what you have to offer, now that you have found the courage to make a start building it and yet, for the most part, people do not know that you are there or even how what you have to offer, helps them.  You need to communicate daily with your audience, whether they are there or not.

You need to boldly explain how what you do, will support them in reaching their own goals and you will need to do this consistently.  Entrepreneurs are so enamoured with their business that they forget that everyone is not equally enamoured.  The assumption can be made that everyone should know what you are doing and add to that the fact that you are a spiritual person and you do not really want to sell, sell, sell all the time.  And so, you keep doing the free stuff like blogging and you might even find the courage to livestream and do videos but then, you hold back from asking your people to take the next move – to BUY something.  This leads to your business being very limited because there is not enough money coming through.

TIP: Make a point of mentioning fairly frequently how people can purchase from you and why you think they should. Connect it to their urgent needs.

2. Stop looking for the perfect strategy

There is no such thing.  What worked for one person many not work in exactly the same way for you.  You need to tap into intuition and ask frequently “What is the best thing I can do next to design the business I dream of?” and then listen for the intuitive flow and act on it.    It, of course, does mean that you need to get clear on what you want your business to look like.  Right now, whip out a journal and write some ideas down.  Really get into the flow of defining what you want to create and get a clear picture in your mind.  Then go ahead and ask the question I detailed.

And yes, you still can learn foundational things but please choose to defer to your intuition when it …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison