5 Ways To Welcome Inspiration and Manifest Magic In Your Life

5 Ways To Welcome Inspiration and Manifest Magic In Your Life

Before diving into inspiration and manifesting magic in your life, it’s important to start by looking closely at the word, “inspiration” and its definition by breaking it down.  Inspiration: latin “in” (into)  “Spirare” (breathe), meaning to breathe into.  Originally the word, “inspired” was meant and used to describe Divine Being or Divine Guidance that has imparted truth into you.  In essence, breathed into you.

When you’re inspired you feel a deep message that resonates in your soul.  It’s a surge of energy that moves you and speaks to you.  Inspiration is energetically a high vibrating frequency and feels AMAZING!  It’s this high vibrating energy we seek to welcome the Law of Attraction in all its glory—manifesting magic in your life.

When you’re inspired you know you’re in alignment with with the Universe and in your truth.  Indeed, the Universe has imparted truth into you—breathed it into you.

But feeling inspired isn’t enough…

For inspiration (the truth and Divine Guidance that has been breathed into you), you must then keep it alive and breath life back into it—through your your work, your talent, your gift, your everything.  You are a spiritual expression of the inspiration that’s been breathed into you from the Universe. Spirituality has a place in every aspect of your life (personal to professional).

It all begins with inspiration…

Inspiration only works and is magnified and multiplied when you actively do the things that first WELCOME inspiration continuously and then second you ACT on the inspiration.  Otherwise, inspiration looses it’s breath and slips away.

When you’re living an inspired life, then you’re also a full spiritual expression of the Universe. This expression isn’t reserved for Sunday, or for mornings, or for afternoon tea…NO!  You are a spiritual expression of the Universe always and in all ways.
Does this speak to you?

If it does, keep reading because when you really get this, it will make a world of true and positive difference for you.

When Divine Guidance (the Universe) has imparted or breathed truth into you (inspired you), then for the guidance and truth to thrive, you must then breathe life back into it.  You must ACT ON IT…because doing so also means living life meaningful and fulfilled.

When you’re not breathing life back into what inspired you…it begs the question, what then, are you breathing life into? For me, the answer is clear.  Every move away from inspiration is a move away from living life fulfilled and joyous and magical.

For the sake of contrast and learning, it’s my personal experience that when I’m not  actively welcoming inspiration nor acting on inspiration, I feel utterly lost and out of sync.  For me, this is when sadness and confusion set in.


You can welcome inspiration with ease and now that you understand why it’s important to do so, then you’ll be moved to do the things that will keep you and/or move you there as often as possible.

Doing so welcomes more of the things you’ve been wanting to see and experience (Law of Attraction).

Doing so helps with …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison