6 Content Marketing Tools You Need to Be Successful

6 Content Marketing Tools You Need to Be Successful
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Content marketing is a very competitive arena. Many businesses are coming up with strategies with the aim of engaging the audience with interesting content that will lead to profitable behaviors. In the current market, it is good to invest wisely so that the brand hogs in the limelight. It is also imperative to judge how the strategies are performing vis vis industry standards. Using content marketing tools is crucial to the success of your business.

The strategy needs to have the tenet of delivering fresh, informative, and unique content that will entice your audience, drive them to engage the brand, and taps into their interests. It is, therefore, crucial to understand the journey of the buyer because most of these journeys end before they start.

BuzzSumo for research

BuzzSumo gives you the allowance of finding out what is working in your niche for the person promoting your content and competition for an optimal experience. From finding trending and hot content on a particular topic content to curate and share, viral pages on sites of competitors, influencers in a specific niche, and quality targets for guest posting. You can also utilize this tool to target placements for infographics and promoting content on Twitter. You will end up boosting your return on investment with this tool.

This tool has plans for bloggers and starters, agency teams who require pro features, and a plan for publishers and brands that require advanced functionality for big teams. Where referred to areas where webmasters and business owners use it, you realize that most of them use it on influencers or writers in the industry that can contribute to their blogs.

Crazy egg for optimizing

Crazy egg, apart from heat map offers scroll maps, confetti report, and overlays maps. It is helpful in giving you insights on the performance of your content. The report from heat map displays the number of clicks from visitors and allows you to know the way they are engaging with your site. These content marketing tools give you insights on time visitors spend on viewing specific sections of the page. You can utilize crazy egg to prioritize vital content to more populous pages.

It displays a bunch of colored markers that are attached to all clicked sections. When getting more info on a particular section, you just need to open a marker that is attached to it. Additional info about every click comes from the confetti report. You can, therefore, categorize your links by the browser, country, devices, and referrals used in checking the performance of your content. You can use this application to increase conversion, improve the design of the site, and for local SEO.

ConvertPlug for email subscriptions

This is among the best WordPress subscription plugins in the market. Aside from bringing abandoning customers back, it will help you in gaining more subscribers and leads. In case you are struggling on getting subscribers for a newsletter, this tool can be of help. When you have this tool, you can promote videos, build a robust email list, drive traffic to …read more
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