The 6 Love Codes by Claire Zammit and Arielle Ford

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Feminine Power founder Claire Zammit, Ph.D.c, & Bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret Arielle Ford, are offering a FREE Online Seminar where they’re going to reveal the “The 6 Love Codes” that they’ve discovered are the KEY for conscious women to attract deep and lasting love.

They’re going to show you the *exact* steps you need to take to meet an extraordinary partner and avoid the 4 mistakes most women make on their journey to love.

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Arielle and Claire know more about coaching conscious women to create extraordinary love than almost anyone.

They’ve used the keys they’re going to teach you to create their own extraordinary marriages with amazing conscious men (10 years & 19 years respectively) and have helped tens of thousands of women do the same. And their “love wisdom” is enhanced even more by their work with more than 200 of the world’s leading love experts.

Dr. John Gray, bestselling relationship author all time, who wrote Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and Conscious Men, recently called Arielle & Claire the “go-to” experts in the field of attracting love for conscious women.

Discover the Love Codes & Unlock the Power to Attract The Love of Your Life

Women who have participated in their programs rave about their approach:

“Thanks to Claire and Arielle not only have I found ‘a man,’ I found The Man. I’m head-over-heels, flat-on-my-face, jaw-on-the-floor drooling in love with the most intelligent, handsome, psychologically stimulating, intellectually challenging, sexiest man I could ever dream of…”

Diely, Florida

“As a result of what I learned from Arielle and Claire, I just got engaged last night to the wonderful man I attracted into my life! Your insights and wisdom made a huge difference. It worked! I am grateful!”

—Barbara, Boca Raton

Arielle & Claire’s intention is simple and powerful:

To give you the clarity and tools you need to have a great love in your life so that you can thrive in all ways (finally!).

You’ll leave the seminar having connected with your deepest desires and greatest vision for love, and you’ll be clear about the steps to take to realize this vision!

In this content-rich seminar you’ll discover…

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When you apply these love “codes,” you tap into the power to attract the love of your life—someone who is your true match and “meets” you on every level… mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and more.

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Discover the 6 Love Codes & Unlock the Power to Attract The Love of Your Life