7 Powerful Things That Every Spiritual Person Must Allow Themselves To Do

7 Powerful Things That Every Spiritual Person Must Allow Themselves To Do

1) Allow yourself to want what you want

For whatever reason we buy into the story that we always need to temper our wants and we need to be content with less than what we really want. If you believe in an abundant universe, then you know that you having what you want does not take away from anyone else. Everyone gets to choose to want what they want and do the work to create it – Just the same as you do. So how does holding yourself back, actually help anything?

I personally believe that your vision, your dreams, your desires come from a deeper place than just you. They come because the universe requires certain things to be manifest for it to continue the evolution process and guess who gets to do the manifesting – YOU!

As you allow yourself to live out the vision and dreams in your heart of hearts, it impacts the planet. So please stop holding back thinking you are being all spiritual and noble. It is spiritual to go after everything!

2) Allow yourself to change your mind

You may get to a place in life where the things that you used to want, you no longer want. Allow that to happen. You change, you evolve, you want different things and that is completely okay. Stop holding on to the desires of the past thinking that it is irresponsible to change your mind. CHANGE YOUR MIND, change your direction, allow yourself to grow and become more and different.

You may try to stay the same for loyalty – Stop it. You are only responsible for your own happiness and yes, some people may not be overly happy if you upset the balance of their life as you change but maybe, they need a shake up. They get to be responsible for their own reactions. Trust yourself enough to know when it is time to change your mind.

3) Allow yourself to go against the crowd

You are cut from a different cloth and you know it! And yet, there are times when you just wish you could fit right in with everyone else. Well, you do not. Stop trying to. Allow yourself to be your unique self and go against the crowd when you feel the call to do so. Let your inner voice be more powerful than the fear of what others will think of you. They do not see the vision in your heart.

Let your vision guide you. Do not stop to look to see what anyone else is doing – Just follow the intuitive nudge as Spirit within tries to lead you to the life you are born to live – One of fulfillment, happiness, abundance and more.

4) Allow yourself to cry

I made an inner vow once to never ever cry again. I was a hurt teenager and my father had said words that cut my heart open and I remember sitting on the bath promising myself never to allow anyone else to hurt me in this way …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison