7 Spiritual Lessons from Your Pet

7 Spiritual Lessons from Your Pet
Amanda Ringnalda

Anyone who has shared their home and family with a particularly special dog, cat, or other pet is well aware of the value and joy this kind of relationship can bring into your life. Your companion animals express some of the most valuable ways of “being”, simply by being exactly who they are.

Animals rely far less on spoken words and instead interpret and convey information through their senses, non-verbal communication, and energy exchange. This transmission with another creature grants you access to many new types of experiences, emotions, and feelings. Let’s explore seven powerful lessons you can learn from your pets.

1. Present-Moment Awareness

Perhaps your pet’s best quality of them all—presence. Just as it feels good to share time with a human who is fully present and attentive, your pets live their lives in the moment and can bring you into that state of mind simply by being around them. Just imagine the quantity and variety of thoughts your human mind has over the span of 30 seconds. Then, imagine the quantity and variety of thoughts your dog or cat would likely have over 30 seconds. Ahhh … the simple life.

2. Acceptance, Contentment

In the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Patanjali outlines in the second limb what are called the Niyamas—the guidelines of yogic living and your relationship with “self.” Santosha (a Sanskrit word) is one of the Niyamas; it represents contentment. This state of happiness and total satisfaction is difficult to describe yet totally fulfilling when experienced. It’s the feeling of having all your needs met, your cup is full, in just the right amount.

An exceptional trait of your pets in their natural state is contentment or Santosha. Fido isn’t wondering if people will treat him differently when he has that designer collar, Cleo definitely isn’t wishing her belly was tighter after the second litter of kittens, and Bear feels quite accepting of his naturally stocky figure. Your pets embody the saying, “It is what it is.”

3. Non-Judgment

Judgement is a construct of the mind to continually categorize things as good or bad. Although pets have the ability to discern what they like vs. what they don’t, the details and qualifications of what their decisions are based on are very different from humans. Pets have a simpler approach—does it bring me fear or does it bring me love? Ultimately, these are the two emotions that all other emotions are rooted in. When you see life through this simple lens, you’re able to stay centered on what matters, and let go of the rest. More love. Less fear. Watch your pet demonstrate how to live with less judgement and therefore more joy.

4. Adaptability

Life is a twisting, turning road and the more limber you are, the more easily you bend to allow life to work with you, not against you. Your pets are often subject to the many ups and downs …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra  

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