7 Tips to Travel More & Keep Your Full Time Job

7 Tips to Travel More & Keep Your Full Time Job
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Do you want to travel more but can’t find the time?

Good news, you don’t have to quit your job to travel. What you need is to leverage the time you have off and use it more efficiently and make it a priority! Because we all know when you really want to do something or see someone you find a way to create more time to make it happen.

So here are 7 tips to help you create more time to squeeze in more travel into your life.

1. Take Your Vacation Days

Sounds easy enough, but studies show that many people have a ‘work martyr complex.’ where by when we take vacation days it shows that we are taking way our badge of honor of being a hard worker.

Reality Check. You can work hard and play hard. You can find ways to be more productive and work more efficiently so that you can manage it when you come back from holidays. Work will always be there and it is replaceable but your health, spirit and family and friends are not.

So use your vacation day to create balance in your life. Don’t wait until you are burned out. Take time off to recharge and get fresh perspectives helping you up-level your productivity and A-game back at work.

2. Understand your benefits

Learn about how your company differentiates between your vacation days, sick days and personal days. Whether you can take your time off hourly vs. a full day? What type of leaves do they have – i.e. unpaid leave, sabbaticals? What is there an un-used vacation day carry forward policy. Can you bank your overtime hours for time off instead of getting paid out?

If you can use a sick or personal day to go see the doctor, use that. This way you can use your real vacation days for your vacation.

If you can take just half a day off without using the full day then do that.

If you have plans to go on a faraway trip in the future, you can plan accordingly. Bank your unused holidays and roll it over to the next.

If you have put in your time at a company, have consistently showed value in your work and can afford to ask for a leave of absence, ask! I did and I got a year with a job to return to.

When you learn about the holiday policies it will help you to plan and maximize your time off.

3. Organize Your Trips Around Weekends and Holidays

When you bookend your holidays, summer Fridays, and weekends it is easy tofully maximize your vacation time – turning a 10-day trip by using up just three or four vacation days.

If you’ve got personal days left, why not also tack on or use a personal day. Typically, I would head out Thursday or Friday night and come back the following Sunday or early Monday or Tuesday morning Monday (depending on how the long weekends fall and flight times etc.)

Depending on how I feel and where I am traveling from, …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison