7 Ways Healing Crystals Clear Your Chakras (and why it’s good for you)

7 Ways Healing Crystals Clear Your Chakras (and why it’s good for you)

Healing crystals are gemstones that can be used for energy healing purposes. The crystals come from all over the globe, and each one has a unique energy imprint that helps with healing certain physical and/or emotional issues, energy protection and enhancing spirituality/enlightenment. There are many of varieties of healing crystals available and countless ways you can use them; from jewelry and decor to healing and energy clearing.

The energy of the healing crystals works with a person’s individual energy vibration to support and encourage healing, balancing energy (or chi), protecting energy and releasing negative energy. Learning more about healing crystals and using them as part of your self-care and spiritual practice can help you raise and maintain a higher vibration; making you more of a match to other high vibrating energy like optimal health, joy, peace, love and abundance.

Because healing crystals have energy healing qualities, they are an excellent tool for clearing and balancing our energy; this is why many energy healing practitioners work with them. You can use healing crystals with each of your 7 major chakras to clear and balance your own energy on a regular basis.

Chakras are energy points in our bodies, there are hundreds of them. The 7 major chakras run from the base of your spine to the top of your head (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown). These chakras each have a color that is translucent (the colors of the rainbow starting with the root chakra) and they spin in clockwise harmony when clear and balanced (similar to a ceiling fan when you are looking up at it). Our chakras absorb energy from our environment, other people, our emotions and anything we put in, on or around our bodies (foods, personal care items, household cleaners etc…).

Our chakras can become cloudy and out of balance (literally not spinning in harmony) from negative energy. This is a common occurrence, but if left unchecked over time it can lead to fatigue, anxiety, depression, health issues, and other problems like financial and relationship issues. Healing crystals can help to clear and open chakras and restore balance; doing this on a regular basis (weekly or more often) helps to maintain optimal health and well being. You can simply lay with the corresponding healing crystal stone on each chakra for about 15 minutes while listening a guided meditation of your choosing (Doreen Virtue has an excellent guided meditation for chakra clearing that comes with her “Chakra Balance” book).

Here are the 7 ways healing crystals clear your chakras (and why it’s good for you):


Your Root Chakra is located near your tailbone/crotch area. When working optimally, this chakra grounds our energy with a connection to Earth that allows negative energy to flow through us; instead of lingering within us. This chakras helps us manifest our basic needs like food, money, shelter, etc. This Chakra is bright, clear red. Red crystals are usually associated with it such as Ruby, Garnet or Red Jasper. However, Black Tourmaline also helps clear and …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison