7 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Happiness

7 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Happiness
Shirin Karimi Tararani

Happiness is what we all aspire to experience and feel throughout our lives. Although you may believe you are doing all that you can do to bolster your happiness level, oftentimes you may be sabotaging your joy unknowingly. I doubt that anyone purposely chooses to be unhappy, so it is just a matter of bringing awareness to some of the behaviors you may partake in that can stand in the way of upholding happiness. That way you can make the necessary changes you need in order to undo these common inclinations.

We are all on this journey together so let’s pour our hearts and souls into being as happy as we can be, regardless of our life circumstances. Here are seven ways you may be sabotaging your happiness, along with advice on how to change that for the better.

1. Self-Comparing

When you give fuel to this beast, you are essentially guaranteeing yourself a seat in the world of unhappiness. In small doses, it is only natural to express curiosity at what other people are all about. However, when this seemingly innocent tendency takes over your mind, it can make way for a life clouded with disappointment, restlessness, and any number of ill feelings. Believe me when I tell you that stepping foot into self-comparison mode can be as destructive as many other addictions.

You have the power to stop this common habit from controlling your destiny though. Tap into your own gifts, imperfections, and experiences and fall in love with all of it. There is only one you in the world for a reason, so do not reject yourself. Compare yourself to a brighter, happier you and leave it at that.

2. Maintaining “Grass Is Greener on The Other Side” Mentality

Similar to self-comparison, this is another view you may want to remove from your life to increase your happiness levels. If you give yourself away to this approach, happiness is out of reach because you will never be in the right place at the right time or able to test out all of the grass in the world. Hence, you will always fall short and wonder about how things could be if you were on another body of grass. This is a losing battle no matter how fabulous your life may be and can truly steal your happiness right out of your hands. Not to mention how many amazing experiences and moments you will miss because you are unhealthily eager about what else is outside of yourself.

This is a trap that can paralyze your mind. Choose to be right where you are and embrace the magnificence in that.

3. Holding Onto Past Regrets

This one is quite the happiness sucker. It is totally healthy to reminisce on your past and draw insight from it. We all have regrets associated with our pasts; it’s simply part of being human.

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Source: Deepak Chopra  

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