9 Hot Tips To Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals

9 Hot Tips To Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals

Research shows that 92% of people do not achieve their goals, which is a shame because research also shows that people who set and achieve goals are a lot more productive and successful! So how do you make that happen? Don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work for you. After conducting vigorous research and speaking to various experts in the field, I put together my 9 hottest tips to help you actually achieve your goals and take charge of your future!

Start with “Why?”

Most of the time when we set our goals, we start with “what” and we then quickly move to “how.” While these two steps are crucial, they can easily become misguided unless we first ask ourselves “Why?” “Why do I want to achieve this?” This question serves two purposes: Firstly, it ensures that we are working on the right things. Secondly it emotionally connects us to the goal.

Let’s use an example. Say I set a goal to “Get a Promotion.” Next I ask myself why I want a promotion. After thinking carefully about this, I dsicover that the reason I want a promotion is because I want to feel more accomplished at work. Now, because I understand the “why” I can ensure that my steps to achieve this goal include things that will help me feel this way – such as working on more meaningful projects, seeing my work become implemented and so on. I can even speak to my manager about these things. If I had not determined the “why”, I may have tirelessly lobbied to get a title-change only to realize that the nature of my work had not changed and I still felt the same emptiness and lack of accomplishment, rendering the goal somewhat useless. Furthermore, now that I understand the “why”, the goal has far more emotional significance, making me feel more inspired, motivated and connected to the goal.

Make sure you goal is EPIC

EPIC is as criteria I use as a coach to ensure effective and powerful goals. It stands for: Elevating, Practical, Impactful and Clear. Let’s start with Elevating. Is the goal going to inspire and elevate you? If not, chances are you’re going to lose motivation. Ensure the goal is one that you are genuinely excited about. If it’s not, how can you adjust the goal? Next, ensure that you can practically achieve the goal within your desired time frame. I’m all for ambitious goals, but if you set something so ambitious that it is impractical, then chances are that you will end up feeling like a defeated failure. Try to ensure your goal is stretching, but not so stretching that it becomes unrealistic. “I” is for impactful. Is the goal going to positively impact your life? If not, then what is the point? Make sure you set a goal that, when achieved, will have positively and powerfully transformed your life in that area. And finally, make sure you goal is Clear. This is an obvious one but one that we often …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison