9 Ways to Detox at Home

9 Ways to Detox at Home
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You may have been led to believe that in order to detox your body you need to follow an extreme diet plan—like fasting, removing all fats, or restricting yourself to only fresh-pressed juices for several days in a row. But did you know that it is possible to incorporate smaller and more realistic detox practices into your daily routine at home?

There are plenty of reasons why it is important that you incorporate detoxing into your daily life. While your body has powerful, built-in mechanisms to help it detoxify, you are now exposed to far more toxins than ever before. These toxins come from water, air pollution, plastic, cleaning products, makeup products, and food. This additional load of toxins that your body is dealing with on a consistent basis can affect your energy levels, digestion, skin health, weight, sleep, and more.

Try some of these simple, at-home detox techniques to support your body’s detoxification system.

1. Use a Tongue Scraper

This Ayurvedic tool helps to get rid of bacteria and toxins in the mouth. Getting rid of the toxins on your tongue helps to prevent reabsorption into the body.

  • Using a tongue scraper, hold the two handles and press the metal U shape on your tongue.
  • Continue the same soft scraping motion on your tongue 5 to 10 times or until you don’t see any more white or yellow coating.

2. Try Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing helps to move circulation through the lymphatic system that lives underneath your skin. Many toxins reside in your lymphatic system, which is why it’s important to help move them out. This is a practice that you can try before you get in the shower.

  • Using the dry skin brush, start by making make small circular brush strokes against your skin in an upward direction toward your heart. This ensures you move the lymphatic tissue in the right direction.
  • Start with your extremities first and work your way toward the center of the body.

3. Heat Up in an Infrared Sauna

One of the most effective ways that the body releases toxins is through your sweat. Infrared saunas heat the body from the inside to raise your core temperature. This drives toxins and heavy metals out of the largest organ in your body—your skin. Compared to other types of saunas, the infrared technology helps the body to get rid of up to seven times more toxins. Learn more about the different types of saunas that help you detox.

4. Practice Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is another Ayurvedic technique that helps clear toxins through the mouth. You have a lot of different bacteria in your mouth so this ancient technique can help get rid of bacteria and toxins. Note: This is best done on an empty stomach in the morning.

  • Put a tablespoon of oil (you can use are coconut oil or sesame oil) in your mouth and swish it around …read more
    Source: Deepak Chopra
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