What are the biggest theological questions of all time? In my opinion they are these: 1. Is there a God? 2. If so, what is God, and what does God need, want, or require? 3. Whether you believe there is a God or there is not a God, what do you believe is the purpose of life — if any? 4. What, if anything, happens after death?

I am curious to know your answer to these questions. If you are readers of Conversations with God you already know my answers, but what are yours? And what role, if any, do your answers play in the living of your life?

As you move through the days and nights of your experience, is there any practical, functional way in which your responses to, and your ideas surrounding, these classic inquiries play an effect on how you think, what you say, and the choices you make?

I would really be very interested in hearing from all of you on this. I think it would make for fascinating reading if you offered us at least four sentences — and, if you feel a bit more ambitious, four paragraphs (or more) revealing “where you’re at” regarding these inquiries.

Some of you have already made that clear in your previous entries here, but a collection of all of your thoughts and ideas, posted here all at once, could make for a marvelous Comment String. What do you say…wanna play?

Just list the four questions and give us your four answers. No argumentation, no “make wrong” of anyone else, no defensiveness…just four straightforward replies, and your reasons for them if you want to elaborate. No one needs to comment on anyone else’s answers. It’s just an exchange of views, in the spirit of respectful, open sharing, needing no one to agree, and challenging no one to debate. Just a sharing. Kind of a survey.

Okay? Here we go then…

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Source: Neale Donald Walsch