Animate Your Divine Potential

UPDATE: Ken Stone has been conducting The Resonance Experiment with over 13,000 participants from around the world. He’s been focused on supporting every participant in having a direct, visceral experience of their innate connection with the Divine.

If you were there you felt it and experienced a deep Resonance unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

The event is over, however if you missed it Ken Stone has just released Igniting Resonance, a unique opportunity to engage in a life-altering, interactive 9-week process with “the soul archaeologist” to enliven, embody, and integrate the astounding quality of resonance.

It’s not just an experience of Resonance that Ken is offering – it’s a unique system of Resonance that he’s been uncovering, exploring and teaching over the last ten years. He introduced three steps from his 9-step process during The Resonance Experiment.

Now you can dive deeper with all the steps of this unique process.  Go here to learn more:  IGNITING RESONANCE

Doesn’t everything we encounter come down to one of two experiences?  Dissonance or Resonance.  We’re either looking for more Resonance – or less Dissonance – or sometimes, both!

For the last 9 years, my good friend Ken Stone has been teaching a revolutionary approach to being in Resonance he calls Embodied Soul Resonance – and he is somehow able to facilitate an experience of deep resonance that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before!

On Saturday he’s going to be teaching and facilitating Embodied Soul Resonance with a free program called ‘ The Resonance Experiment’, and I highly recommend you check this out and register:

Here Is The Link To Learn More: The Resonance Experiment

Starting on Saturday, September 16th this program is perfect for you if:

  •  You are tired of the gap that keeps showing in your life between what you know is possible, and what’s actually happening (health, money, relationships).
  •  You truly desire to experience inner peace and joy as a continuous state – even though just about everything you’ve tried just makes you feel agitated, sad, and disconnected.
  •  You know there’s something blocking you from moving forward, but can’t figure out how to clear the blocks so you begin living in joy and peace.
  •  You keep trying different approaches to the ‘magic shortcut’ that leads to ultimate happiness and joy – only to discover there’s no shortcut and joy seems more elusive than ever.
  •  You are ready for a different approach to solving life’s challenges while moving into deeper joy and peace.

I am getting excited about this program even as I write these words!  Please take a moment and register for this important, and timely event here:

Join The Resonance Experiment and Animate Your Divine Potential. Go Here:  The Resonance Experiment

The key to Ken’s teaching is understanding, observing and reconciling the polarity between dissonance and resonance.  On Saturday, September 16th we are going to take this on together as a global community, with Ken leading the way!

Make sure to mark your calendars right now, and add your email on this page The Resonance Experiment so you don’t miss this 🙂

In Resonance and Gratitude,

Here Is The Link Again To Learn More:  The Resonance Experiment

About Ken Stone

Ken Stone “The Soul Archeologist” is an Internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand program.

With his ability to energetically re-tune a person’s body, mind, and spirit Ken has helped thousands of people all over the world remember and experience their Divine nature – from Spiritual Messengers exploring greater authenticity, to people suffering from physical pain and emotional challenges, to people wanting to transcend knowing spiritual truths to actually experiencing them.

Ken has spoken along-side such luminaries as Neale Donald Walsh, Lynne McTaggart, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sonia Choquette, and many other powerful spiritual leaders.

Ken shares his gifts with a growing international audience through individual and group session, in-person and via remote connection – including telephone and webcast, through recordings, and through speaking engagements and workshops.

Ken Stone sees the spiritual journey as a three-part archaeological expedition:

  1. Throw Out The Map (Surrender)
  2. Excavate Your Soul (Connect to the Truth Within)
  3. Keep Digging (Daily Practice)

The perspective change that results from mastery of these three steps is often referred to as enlightenment.

As a Spiritual Teacher, Ken Stone guides people through the process of Throwing Out the Map, supporting them as they let go of control, begin to allow life to unfold, and revel in a masterpiece that exceeds anything they could have conceived of prior to surrender.

Ken Stone has one of the most beautiful and gentle souls I’ve ever known. He is like a master tuner of fine instruments with the ability to energetically touch the physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies and re-tune them to the Divine perfection they are meant to naturally be.”
— Rachael Jayne Groover, Founder: The Yin Project and Author: Powerful AND Feminine

As a Soul Archaeologist, Ken facilitates the Excavation of his clients’ Souls, revealing their connection to the truth within, allowing the experience of calm and clarity, and discovering the source of their power.

“I think the better word for what Ken Stone does, is “bless.” I have had some wonderful healing work done on me by some very powerful healers and Ken is, bar none, THE most powerful healing force I have ever encountered. Truly, truly amazing and miraculous! Whoa!”
— Angelique Love Singer, Colorado

As an amplified conduit for Divine energy and Spiritual Healer, Ken Stone supports people around the world through a community he founded as they Keep Digging – working on each of the three phases of the spiritual journey in their daily lives.