Are We Contributing to the Failure of a Relationship?

Are We Contributing to the Failure of a Relationship?

Are you afraid to admit when certain aspects of your life are in shambles, or do you feel comfortable enough to look at your life and determine through an objective lens that it’s time to make a change?

Personally, my romantic life at one point was heading down an unfruitful path, but I was unwilling to acknowledge this potential dead end. At the time also, I was definitely reluctant to admit that I played a role in the long-term failures of my romantic relationships.

To put things into perspective, it’s difficult to make improvements in life when we’re hesitant to acknowledge that improvements are necessary, but it’s even more challenging for the corrections to occur when we deny that we’re the ones most suitable to make them.

By the time you reach the end of this article, I’d like to convey why it’s important to recognize what’s going on with the state of our romantic relationships, and why we should begin making adjustments as soon as we become aware.

Upon discovering the person staring back in the mirror, I realized that my romantic relationships didn’t experience long-term success because I denied the importance of understanding who I was, but also who I could become.

Whether platonic or romantic in nature, I now uphold the belief that unfamiliarity with one’s self will lead to strained relationships. Therefore, whenever I discuss the subject of relationship with anyone, the main focus is to see how much each individual knows him or herself.

As a disclaimer, knowing who we are will not make the relationships in our lives flawless. Nevertheless, knowing who we are can mitigate some of the issues that may arise when we lack self-awareness.

For instance, I may not close a multi-million dollar deal this week, but I’ll have a much greater degree of success to do so than someone who tells him or herself that it’s impossible. In other words, a person doesn’t produce positive results simply because s/he knows his or her potential, but it does increase the chances of this person meeting an objective by being self-aware.

When we become cognizant of who we are, and when we pursue a path to create a healthy relationship with ourselves, there’s a greater degree of willingness to assess not only the good taking place in our lives, but we’ll also recognize the bad.

Furthermore, the likelihood is that whenever we become aware that change is necessary, we won’t run …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison