Are You an Introverted Empath?

It’s a strange thing being an introverted empath and something I have thought about and researched for years.

As I was growing up I thought I was different, I thought there was something wrong with me.  I never seemed to fit into any crowd or belong to a particular group of people.

I got bored easily of people’s company and seemed to see right through people.  I preferred deep and meaningful conversations, even as a child.  I asked the big questions and sought out people who had the answers.

In my teens I tried oh so hard to fit in.  I was trying to force myself into a personality that wasn’t me.  It seemed to work okay for a few years until I realised “This just isn’t me”

Then I discovered something….

I wasn’t weird, I wasn’t strange, in any way, I just preferred my own company over other people’s company.

I could happily be by myself for hours on end and still never get bored.  I would read, I would watch interesting movies, I would be with my family.

For a long time I thought I actually hated people, except those close to me, but it wasn’t that i hated people I just hated the shallow chit chat and the social awkwardness of being in the company of people I didn’t truly know and always retreated and spent time alone.

This was strange in a way as some people viewed me as standoffish, or a snob, or ‘weird’.

I didn’t mind the people…

I just didn’t like that awkward getting to know someone for the first time, I could feel their emotions somehow and their emotions seemed to drain me and i didn’t like the meaningless chit chat.

Then I realised that not only was I an introvert, but I was also a natural empath.  And then things changed.

Things have changed

As a 48 year old adult I have come to accept that awkwardness of getting to know people and see myself as somewhat of a master of the social chit chat, in fact the only thing I have to do is ask the person lots of questions about themselves.

This is a strange phenomenon as well.  When I am out in a big crowd everyone thinks I have been interacting and socialising all night and been very talkative, when in actual fact I have only been asking questions of the people I am in the company of.  And that suits me fine.  People no longer see me as weird, or a bit strange, they see me as very social, when in fact all I do is ask lots of questions and in a subtle way because people, in general, like to talk about themselves.

Occasionally I come across people who I really like and we go on to form a friendship and usually that friendship lasts for years but that is few and far between.

I don’t hate people…

I used to think I hated people, I could see through them, feel their emotions, and that is part of being an introverted empath.  You’ll …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison