Chaincoin And Syndicate The New Community Way to Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Chaincoin And Syndicate The New Community Way to Make Money With Cryptocurrency

This is not my usual business type article as I will be talking about cryptocurrencies.  If you’re new to all of this I would suggest looking into it as cryptocurrency is not going away and is only getting stronger.

I want to tell you about a particular story that has been amazing to watch in action and to actually be a part of it.

Chaincoin – Hodl Technology

A few weeks ago I participated in an experiment started by Max Lee to start a group of buyers for a certain cryptocurrency called Chaincoin.  I’ve been buying various cryptocurrency for the long term and also trading them on a short term basis for a few months now.

I was one of the first people to join Max’s group on Slack and heard about his plan to ‘Buy and Hodl’ (buy and hold for those not versed in the crypto world ).  When he announced he was going to start buying Chaincoin at around 8k satoshis (0.00008000 Bitcoin, $0.15) I didn’t buy in at first as I didn’t really have the money.  But when i seen the power of the group and they were gelling together to buy and hold, instead of pumping and dumping, I knew something big was happening.

The reason they were buying this coin was due to the fact that you could buy a masternode for 1000 CHC’s, which is basically a way of earning more coins by setting up a server to make the blockchain stronger and quicker.

I bought in

As the whole market seemed to be imploding with the upcoming Bitcoin split and all my coins being down a great deal I decided to buy in.  (The coins I hold just now are for the long term so short term drops in price are not concerning)

I bought Chaincoin at 16k satoshis (0.00016000 Bitcoin, $0.31) and managed to figure out how to set up the masternodes so I had 5 masternodes running all earning me extra CHC coins every day.

With the power of the group and Max as the leader we hit an all time high of 298k Satoshi (0.00298000 Bitcoin, Around $6.80).  I was stunned.

You might be thinking wow, you must have made a fortune.  I would have if I had sold at that price, I would have made around a $32,000 profit from a $2,000 investment.  However, the whole point of this ‘Buy and …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison