Challenges in Network Marketing

By 5dmin

Hey! Coming to you from Bucharest, Romania! Speaking of the many challenges in network marketing… I just did an event and I was doing a little training out in the hall. I had a young guy asking me about success and how to be successful in network marketing and all that. So, I gave him a few things, and the one thing he said was…

“Well, the problem is…” Followed by, “I show it to people and they don’t get it. They don’t want to get it, and they don’t want to change their life.”

My thoughts were:

#1 – You need to correct your language.

Every time you acknowledge the problem is something, you make it bigger than it really is. Your energy flows where attention goes.

#2 – The single biggest blessing we have in network marketing, is that so many people don’t get it.

Why do you have to sort through so many people to get going? Why do you have to sort through so many people to find the leader?

It’s the biggest blessing and at the same time it’s the one of the biggest challenges in network marketing!

When people don’t get it — it’s not only the biggest blessing we have, it is actually why our opportunity even exists in the first place. See, if it were easy and everyone bought your product or joined your business, then the company would have no incentive to pay us a lot of money to go out and build a big team.

So, is it hard? Yeah! We can say it’s hard — and you can be grateful for the fact that its hard. Or you can let that frustrate you.

My advice to you, when it comes to challenges in network marketing, is to be excited that it’s hard!

See, I don’t personally believe it’s hard because its just a numbers game. Because I don’t have any emotional attachment to someone saying no. If they say no, cool, I’m on to the next one! For me, that’s not hard. If you can get over the emotional attachment to people approving of what you’re doing (saying YES to what you’re doing), then the business can actually be really easy. You’re still gonna have to go through the numbers, but mentally it can be a joy.

I’m always having fun every time I do a presentation. I’m gonna have a good time whether they say yes or no.

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