Cut the Museum & Beach Visits! These Three Weird Activities Will Make Your Friends Come Visiting Regularly

Cut the Museum & Beach Visits! These Three Weird Activities Will Make Your Friends Come Visiting Regularly

You don’t need to spend even a cent to keep your friends engaged when they come visiting. In fact, without emptying your wallet, you can greatly invest in their future while catching lots of fun. Sounds strange, right?

Museums, beaches, and amusement parks are great places to visit with friends. But, the bitter truth? The more you visit these places, the less fun they become. In other words, going to any of these “fun” places one more time might make your friends stop visiting you.

Several activities combine both fun, lessons, and adventure. And even though these activities might seem weird at first, they are going to make a whole sense when you start seeing results.

Are you curious, as I am, to know these weird but fun activities you can do at home with friends without spending a dime? Then put all distractions away, and carefully follow my lead.

3 Outside-The-Box Activities to Do with Friends at Home

1. Discover Your New Accountability Partner

Guess why your dreams seem unrealizable. Because they are far from realistic? No! Because there’s no one to hold you accountable? A big yes.

In an article I read recently, the author clearly stated that an accountability partner can help you stay away from excuses. This makes a whole sense. If you want to come up with an excuse, they will certainly raise a yellow card (the warning sign).

But sometimes, getting a “good” accountability partner can be quite difficult. This is where your friend comes in. Instead of spending time at the zoo staring at lizards, get some sheets of paper and distribute them among your buddies.

On each sheet, tell your friends to write out their dreams–what they want to achieve in life. When they are done, collect the sheets (including yours), throw them into the air, then tell each person to pick a piece at random from the ground.

Once everyone gets hold of a sheet (which isn’t theirs), tell them to locate the owner of the sheet. Why? Because they just got a new accountability partner! Easy, right?

Now anytime anyone begins to give excuses; their accountability partner simply needs to remind them of what’s written on their sheet. This practice will help put them back on track.

2. Unleash the Artist Within

Do you think nothing is as fun as watching a peacock show off her colorful feathers? Then you’ve probably not seen your friend’s creepy piece of artwork.

Almost everyone loves to draw. But funnily enough, only a few can create paintings that don’t look funny. Knowing this, how about you find out who the best artist is?

It’s very easy to do this. All you need are sheets of paper or drawing books, a bucket of paint, and paint brushes. Once you get these items, the next step is to agree on an image to create. It could be anything; animals, gadgets, buildings, or even fictional characters from your favorite movie. An art challenge is one fun way to engage your friends without spending even a cent.

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Source: Steven Aitchison