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Discover The 3 Keys To Unlocking Your Quantum Powers, Overcoming Your Limitations, Accelerating Your Evolution and Having a Greater Impact on the World.

Most people, regardless of age, race or gender, have fantasized about having magical or “super” powers of some kind.

This is the reason books and movies about superheroes, wizards, mutants, and people with psychic powers are so popular—and so embraced by both children and adults alike.

Those characters have the kinds of abilities we all wish we had, and they tap into our core desire to become the best, most skillful and powerful human beings we can be.

Our friend, world-renowned “Human Potential” pioneer and bestselling author Dr. Jean Houston has discovered that, in fact, each of us has access to 5 “Quantum Powers” that are latent inside us.

I invite you to attend Jean’s upcoming free online event and find out all about them while exploring …

While these powers don’t include the ability to fly, turn invisible, or walk through walls, they can allow you to…

  • Rapidly increase your skill-building
  • Profoundly improve your health
  • Have more time in your day
  • Expand your creativity
  • Attract more money and support for projects that are important to you

These “Quantum Powers” are inactive in most of us, but some of the most successful people in history have used them to achieve seemingly impossible things.

After mastering these Quantum Powers herself and proving their effectiveness with a private group of students, Jean decided it was time to reveal her findings to the world and begin training others (like you) to unlock the powers in themselves.

Join Jean for this Online Training at No Charge. Here’s the link to register: Dr. Jean Houston

If you aren’t already familiar with Jean, she’s an internationally renowned author, philosopher and scholar, who has written nearly 30 books, including several bestsellers.

Not only that, but she’s worked closely with Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell, Buckminster Fuller, Bill & Hillary Clinton and many other world leaders, as well as in over 100 cultures around the world.

Jean also works closely with the United Nations, helping implement their international education and health programs, along with training leaders in developing countries.

Her list of accomplishments is already enough to fill five lifetimes, and now she wants to help you unlock your Quantum Powers so you can become the most evolved version of yourself, too.

These are the 5 Quantum Powers Jean will be exploring during this inspiring online event:

  1. The power to expand time so you can do more in less time than ever before without adding stress to your life
  2. The power to experience “sustained fire” to keep you operating at your highest energy level throughout even the longest, most challenging days
  3. The power to partner with the energy of the Universe to more easily accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams
  4. The power to expand and express your creativity without sacrificing your daily responsibilities
  5. The power to attract the money, people and resources you need to move your projects forward and achieve the level of success you’re striving for

Let Jean show you how to overcome your limitations and step into a life of true power, connection and fulfillment.

Attend ‘The 3 Keys To Unlocking Your Quantum Powers’ Event at No ChargeHere’s the link to register: Dr. Jean Houston

NOTE:  If your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend the online event live, as long as you sign up to attend, Jean’s team will gladly send you the recording afterwards, so you can listen to it at your convenience.

This event could be the first step in completely elevating your life!

Attend Dr. Jean Houston’s Online Event at No Charge and Discover Your Quantum Powers Now. Here’s the link to register: Dr. Jean Houston

About Dr. Jean Houston

Jean Houston, Ph.D., scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is long regarded as one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement.  Dr. Houston is noted for her ability to combine a deep knowledge of history, culture, new science, spirituality and human development into her teaching.  She is known for her inter-disciplinary perspective delivered in inspirational and humorous keynote addresses.

A prolific writer, Dr. Houston is the author of 26 books including “Jump Time”, “ A Passion for the Possible”, “Search for the Beloved”, “Life Force”, “The Possible Human”, “Public Like a Frog”, “A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story”, and “Manual of the Peacemaker”.

As Advisor to UNICEF in human and cultural development, she has worked around the world helping to implement some of their extensive educational programs.  In September of 1999, she traveled to Dharamsala, India as a member of a group chosen to work with the Dalai Lama in a learning and advisory capacity. Dr. Houston has also served in an advisory capacity to President and Mrs. Clinton as well as assisting Mrs. Clinton in her writing of her book, “It Takes A Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us”.  She has met with President and Mrs. Carter, and with leaders in many countries and cultures.  As a high school student she worked closely with another First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, in developing strategies to introduce international awareness and United Nations work to young people.

Since 2003, she has been working with the United Nations Development Program, training leaders in human and cultural development as well as in Social Artistry, a community-leadership training program that she developed.  Together with other international agencies and companies, over the last 45 years, Dr. Houston has worked in over 100 countries.

In 1965, along with her husband Dr. Robert Masters, Dr. Houston founded The Foundation for Mind Research. She is also the founder and principal teacher, since 1983, of the Mystery School, now called the Renaissance of Spirit, a school of human development, a program of cross-cultural, mythic and spiritual studies, dedicated to teaching history, philosophy, the New Physics, psychology, anthropology, and the many dimensions of human potential.

In 2008, the Jean Houston Foundation was formed to teach Social Artistry in the United States and overseas.  This training has been conducted in Albania, the Eastern Caribbean, Kenya, Zambia, Nepal, and the Philippines.

A powerful and dynamic speaker, she holds conferences and seminars with social leaders, educational institutions and business organizations worldwide. Jean Houston has worked intensively in 40 cultures helping to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness while they become part of the global community.

Dr. Houston is considered one of the most evocative and entertaining speakers on aligning the human spirit, potential and action with the needs of the time.  Her talks are legendary for their ability to inspire, inform and activate her audience.  Her lifetime passion is to encourage the inherent possibilities, visions and capacities that lie within each person and/or group, and translate them into positive action.

Jean Houston holds a B.A. from Barnard College, a Ph.D. in psychology from the Union Graduate School and a Ph.D. in religion from the Graduate Theological Foundation. She has also been the recipient of honorary doctorates.

“Jean Houston’s mind should be considered a national treasure”, said Buckminster Fuller, a renowned American philosopher, thinker, visionary, inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician, poet and cosmologist.  A life-long friend of Jean Houston, his observation is shared by the thousands of individuals, communities, organizations and nations that have been and continue to be inspired by her words.