Do This When He Needs Space

Do This When He Needs Space

Today I am excited to share with you a very special guest blog from relationship expert, Carol Allen, who will explain, in great detail, how to deal with your guy when he needs “space.”   Her wisdom and guidance are sure to enlighten you!

When it comes to love between men and women, there’s a dynamic that is very painful for both genders…

When men get close, they tend to pull back after a point to “replenish” their male hormones. But being close actually increases women’s hormones, so we don’t need to ever do this.

The closer we are, the better we feel.

In fact, estrogen is the super connector hormone that makes women naturally want to connect with everyone.

While men can be awesome connectors, even the most heart-centered guy will need his “alone” or “guy” time.

So they’ll withdraw. (Which – if you ask any relationship coach or expert – is the #1 complaint women have about men!)

If there’s a conflict, this need to withdraw is even greater.

Why? Because men get more overwhelmed by their emotions when there’s drama, and have higher heart rate, higher blood pressure, and become unable to reason or communicate well (this isn’t my opinion – this has been proven in the most rigorous, long-term relationship study).

They essentially get “flooded” by their own neurology, and this reeeeeeeally makes a guy shut down and go cold.

And then – the dynamic I mentioned kicks in: women get upset.

When women get upset, we tend to respond in one of two ways – we become either needy or angry. (Turning into a Bambi or a Banshee.)

And guess what? These are the two biggest complaints that men have about women – that WE are too emotional!

And so they shut down even more…making us even more desperate or ticked off.

So what’s a girl to do?

How you navigate this “Gap” between you and a man (which will come up – even with the happiest of soulmates) determines if you’ll ever get to your “happily ever after” or not.

Here are my favorite key tips to not let a temporary disconnection lead to a permanent one!

1.  Don’t Freak Out…

Many studies have found women to be more verbally aggressive than men. If a man has already indicated he needs space, it’s imperative you not push your agenda or attack him now. But this will make even your soulmate will RUN for the nearest exits.

2.  Turn to Support…

The best remedy for disconnection is connection. But don’t look to your guy to provide it now. If they need space, it’s loving and healthy to let them have it. Call on friends and loved ones to fill the gap.

3.  Take Care of Your Body…

Eat right, get a good night’s sleep, and exercise. As simple as it sounds, making sure you …read more
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