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More About T. Harv Eker

As a child, T. Harv Eker had no plans to grow up to become an astronaut, a doctor, or a baseball player. His parents were European immigrants who migrated to Canada with only $30 to survive.

Harv’s childhood consisted of witnessing his father and mother battling with money to make ends meet, and working at a young age to contribute to the household – delivering newspapers, working at local fairs, and scooping ice-cream.

Despite financial strains throughout his upbringing, Harv knew that when he grew up he wanted to be rich. In fact, he wanted to be a millionaire.

So fixated he was with his goal, that Harv barely made it through college because things just weren’t moving fast enough.

With each thrill that came from starting a new venture, another disaster seemed to loom ahead. After 14 years of struggling and four failed businesses, Harv found himself stuck in a vicious cycle with nowhere to go.

However, one more attempt elevated Harv from rock-bottom to an extremely successful millionaire in just two-and-a-half years.

Harv opened one of the first retail fitness stores in the US, which grew to 10 branches and a partnership with a Fortune 500 company that earned him a $1.5 million cheque.

Finally, Harv’s lifelong, seven-figure dream became a reality.

But reality soon proved that a desirable amount alone could not sustain what Harv thought was the ultimate goal. A series of bad decisions and wrong investments almost pedalled him to zero, which drove Harv to reassess his mindset and consider the way he thought about money and wealth.

What Harv realized is that like most people, his “money blueprint” was always just set on a certain level of financial achievement, which sabotages their potential for wealth.

Harv also realized that this “blueprint” – no matter what one’s upbringing or mental foundation is – can be changed and reset to transform how you view money and success, and ultimately how much wealth you achieve and receive.

“Training and managing your own mind is the most important skill you could ever own, in terms of both happiness and success.” – T Harv Eker

To Harv, money alone was no longer the ultimate goal – but a strong mind, a spiritual sense of self, true wealth and personal well-being were. Harv used his experience and drew valuable insight from his failures and successes to develop a series of principles and techniques that he now teaches in his Millionaire Mind Seminar and his best-selling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

It has also been Harv’s mission to share his learnings with others so that everyone has just as great a chance and opportunity to attain wealth with his proven money blueprint, which now inspires thousands through his own success and wealth training company, Peak Potentials Training.

To date, he has been featured in power media houses such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. His inspiring journey, street-smarts wisdom, heartful approach, and despite it all, charismatic and energetic attitude, has made T. Harv Eker a well-respected personality in the financial and business world.