Fall Meditation to Embody Openness and Self-Reflection

Fall Meditation to Embody Openness and Self-Reflection
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Tris Thorp

Ancient cultures welcomed the changing of seasons by adapting to and synchronizing themselves with nature’s cycles and rhythms. For many of us in modern day society, autumn is marked by the leaves changing color, back-to-school sales, and the arrival of fall décor in department stores. 

While you’re pulling out your favorite cozy sweaters and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, mother nature is busy pruning her limbs and preparing for what’s to come. If you slow down and look a little closer at what the fall season represents, it’s an incredibly auspicious time for doing deeper work within yourself. 

Fall Is for Self-Reflection

Autumn is symbolized by the balancing of light and dark—both in the world of nature and in your own psyche. As you transition from the longer days of summer to the shorter days of fall, you may sense that a new harmony must be created so that you can manage the way your life flows. Fall is a time for winding down and going inward for self-reflection as you prepare for the coming months. 

Shifting the conversation internally invites you to consider what practices will enable you to slow down, enter into a quiet space, and consider how you may benefit from doing some pruning of your own. As you adapt to shorter days and cooler temps, it’s the perfect time to light a fire, open your journal, and establish an effective practice for letting go of anything you no longer need.  

Fall Is for Letting Go

You may struggle with the concept of impermanence in your life and yet, the one thing you can be certain of is that change is always occurring. The more adaptable you can become to the changing of tides—or, in this case, the seasons—and the more fluent you become in the art of pruning useless thoughts, behaviors, and patterns from your life, the better prepared you are for receiving the next round of gifts life has to bestow upon you. 

To learn this art of letting go, you only need to look to nature and how she transitions through each of her seasons. There is a continuous cycle of birth, transformation, and death occurring—literally and metaphorically. One season comes to an end and another begins—sometimes gradually, sometimes abruptly. Phases of your life will come to an end before another begins. Notice what energies are asking to be brought to completion in your own life at this time. Ask yourself the following:

  •    What action do you need to take in order to honor your own cycles of beginning, middle, and end?
  •    What are you holding onto that’s no longer necessary? 
  •    What baggage are you still lugging around that’s weighing you down? 
  •    Where are you struggling against the inevitable? 

Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and behaviors that sabotage your career, health, and relationships need to be released the moment they are presented to you. This is your own internal guidance …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra

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