Find Your True North with Aim and End Goals

Find Your True North with Aim and End Goals
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Achieving meaningful goals can be some of the most exhilarating, exciting, and empowering moments in your life. A key component of goal setting is having a vision of where you are heading. Your vision is your “true north” and, like a star in the sky, it is always within view. To have the ability to manifest all the things you want to create in life, you have to focus on two types of goals—aim and end.

Creating Aim and End Goals

An aim goal is big picture. It is like the North Star that guides you on your path. Think of it as your ultimate desired outcome. It’s what inspires and motivates you each and every day to wake up and keep moving diligently toward your goals.

An end goal is something that is measurable and tangible. Once you have achieved it, you’re done with it and it’s time to then set your next goal.

For example, an aim could be, “I want to live a healthy life.” That is your ultimate desired outcome and it’s never going to end. It will be your aim for as long as you live, whereas an end goal could be your desire to weigh a certain amount or meditate twice each day for 20 minutes. Once you hit that goal, you would then set your next one. All the while, you’re inching closer to your aim of living a healthy life.

Why is having an aim so important in comparison to having just an end goal? It’s quite simple. An aim is what guides your end goals. Your aim is your vision—it’s big picture, more ambiguous, and it shows up more like a statement of being. It’s about who you want to be and the things you want to be doing in your life as a result of arriving there.

An end goal is more about doing the work to get there and having the power of achievement as your driving force. Your end goals are what keep the energy and momentum going so you can spring forward into living the life that you are, as of now, only dreaming of.

Aiming for the Goals

Without having an aim, a vision of where you are going and your “why” for wanting it, your goals will fizzle out once you’ve achieved them—if you achieve them at all. The reason is because there was no real purpose behind having set the goal to begin with. There’s no aim. It’s like throwing darts or shooting an arrow without a target for where you’re shooting. Why bother? If you do achieve your goal, it will fall flat without having an aim to direct it.

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