Four Things You Never Knew About Heart Disease

Four Things You Never Knew About Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in adults globally. Unfortunately, even with all the new evidence of nutrition and exercise and how it helps heart health, heart disease isn’t reducing, it’s increasing.

There has to be a missing part of the puzzle, and I believe that piece is stuck to the bottom of the box with EMOTIONS written in big red writing and no one has decided to pick up the box to have a look to see if it’s there.

Medicine is an important part of lives. If you think about it, medicine has been responsible in just about doubling life spans in the last hundred years and governments are having to come up with plans for our aging population. The days of popping your clogs at 65 are long gone. Life spans have gone up, but quality of life seems to be copping a beating with the amount of chronic disease.

That’s why I’d like to talk to you about the missing part of the puzzle that supports medicine. We have four parts to our immune system.

  • Chemical – what you ingest
  • Structural – how sound your spine and body are
  • Emotional – the emotions we experience when trauma happens
  • Spiritual – your relationship with your higher-self and or God/Source

I want to share with you an important game changer when it comes to overcoming heart disease.

Heart disease has an emotional component preventing patients from having the best possible outcomes from their traditional treatments.

Do you know someone in your life who was fit as a fiddle, exercised well, ate well and shocked their entire community by having a heart attack? This is where we go to look at another possible reason why.

The heart is the part of the body that holds the emotions associated with thinking that life is too hard and you can’ be bothered dealing with it.  Here’s four things you didn’t know about heart disease that you would do well to start investigating.

1. Rejection is a large part of your story

If you go through the memory banks of your life, often people with heart conditions will be able to map out many examples in their life where they have felt rejected in a significant way. This generally starts early and then the neural pathways start to build stories that make this more meaningful as you go through life.

2. Worthiness is an issue

When dealing with rejection issues, the close cousin of rejection is worthiness. People can have a moment in their life where they decide to give up on love because of the belief that you aren’t worth loving. The heart then takes the brunt of that emotion, because in essence, as you give up on that notion, you stop loving yourself in the process too.

3. People Pleasing becomes a core value

The heart is the organ in the body responsible for pumping blood around. Blood has the emotional tag of being responsible for joy. When you do things for others to try and get the worthiness juices flowing, your heart …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison