From Experts: 4 Business Tips Every 20-Something Should Know

From Experts: 4 Business Tips Every 20-Something Should Know
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One of Richard Dawkins brilliant quotes was when he said that all creatures that only learn through trial and error fail to compete against creatures that learn through mimicking and simulation. By that, Dawkins means you can succeed much faster if you mimic what successful people do, and avoid what they don`t do, instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself.

For that, I`ve used real stories from some of the world`s most successful people to make you a list of four business tips you should keep in mind the next time you try to swing for the fences.

Fail a lot and fail fast

Because fear of failure is worse than failure itself, experts like Gary Vaynerchuk believe that fucking up on purpose is the best way to liberate yourself from it. This idea is also supported by former American skier, Bode Miller whose secret to winning six Olympic medals was practicing with maximum speed and purposely crashing on the training ground so he can reach peak performance during the race`s toughest moments.

This philosophy was also shared by the famous cartoon director and producer, Andrew Stanton, who starts every new workshop by encouraging his team to embrace failure, and do it quickly, so they can find a way to make a blockbuster.

Domination= Obsession

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Marcel Proust locked himself in a room for five years to write In Search of Lost Time, the sixth longest novel of all time. Kevin Garnett doesn`t have an offseason, he trains as soon as the season ends. And Elon Musk, slept in his office for years while building his first company.

In other words, you must be fanatical and obsessed with your goals and dreams if you ever want a chance to succeed. To do this you must take the risk and tie your goals to a new identity that inspires you to be better. There`s a huge difference between playing basketball for fun and living every minute of every day like a real basketball player. The first can make you good, but the second will make you a living legend.

Get your own calendar

Some people are naturally good at what they do and they don`t need training. Georges Simenon, for example, wrote more than 500 books without ever editing his work or having a daily routine —not even a monthly one. Unfortunately, this doesn`t work with the majority of us, including you. Unless you habitually do the work, you won`t get the result which makes success —whether you like it all not— a matter of consistency.

Steve Martin once underlined the difference between a great and an okay comedian as being consistently good. He believes that even though all comedians have a night or two where everything is clicking, only the great ones are capable of staying consistently good no matter what.

An example of this can be Larry Bird who, to this moment, has a better free-throw record than Michael Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar …read more
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