Habit of Sharing is No More Caring for You

Habit of Sharing is No More Caring for You
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A significant majority of us have been taught from a very tender age that sharing is caring. The words have been used in professional and charity forums to achieve a given goal in life where people are encouraged to share their wares with their neighbors.

However, scientific research has proven otherwise, and you are discouraged from sharing some of your items. Though it is proven spending money on someone makes you happier than spending it on yourself, sharing of personal items such as deodorant, soap, and towel should never cross your mind.

In support of this premise, scientists have proven sharing of personal items as a sure route of propagating certain diseases such as hepatitis. Nonetheless, sharing is undoubtedly caring; though you should avoid sharing of personal items for health purposes. Cold sores on lips are some of the notable pieces of evidence of sharing a toothbrush and facial towels.

Here are the few personal items you should never share.


Have you ever packed for a weekend out with friends, or for a tournament that lasted for a week and you forgot packing your toothbrush. If you find yourself in such a scenario never give in to the temptation of sharing a toothbrush with your best friend or spouse. The risk of sharing the toothbrush is far much worse than the shame of not brushing your teeth for a couple of days.

Couples are the primary victims of this vice and expose themselves to some dental dangers. Toothbrush sharing is not only unhygienic but extremely risky since such couples are the verge of not only losing their teeth but paying a hefty price treating such diseases. Such sharing compromises your immune system, and you are likely to suffer from various dental challenges.

Razors, Nail Clippers, and Files

Here is a set of items that could pierce your skin and exposes yourself to bacterial infections and get infected with certain viruses and such as HIV and AIDS. Razors and nail clippers play a crucial role in spreading diseases such as Warts and Tetanus.

Besides, sharing shaving equipment is equally hazardous as it could damage your face with infections to your delicate skin. Thus, always use your razor and nail clipper to avoid landing yourself in some deep trouble. Worse of all never use a blade that is not yours to work on your lips or any part of your body as cold sores on lips could come knocking on your day.


Sharing any towel is a big no. Never share a towel with your spouse or the best of friends even after stepping out of the shower. Bacterial infection resulting from towel sharing is a common case as bacteria will live in your towel for hours after showering or even for days until the towel is washed and disinfected.

Facial and bathing towels should never be shared even after washing or disinfection as they have been proven to retain bacteria and viruses for long. Besides, it is important you change your bathing and facial towel every week to avoid infections. Consequently, …read more
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