Now in the 17th year, Healing With The Masters has touched and changed over 700 THOUSAND lives!

JenniferMcLeanJoin Jennifer McLean & 26 Masters of Healing For LIVE, Personal & Interactive Workshops at Healing With the Masters.

Now in the 17th year,  Healing With The Masters has touched and changed over 700 THOUSAND lives!

Are you feeling the breeze of new possibilities ruffling your soul?

Do you have more moments of being happy than being dissatisfied?

Is your health moving with a renewed momentum of vitality, balance and alignment?

If so, then I have something for you that will further advance your soul in completely new ways.

IF NOT, I also have something for you that is wholly designed to take you to true happiness, vitality and soul-ruffling expansion (and it’s FREE).


This is a set of complimentary, live, interactive, online workshops from the most powerful master healers, coaches, thought leaders and edge-pushers of human potential.

And they are all here FOR YOU – to take you on a journey to your mastery.

Mastery means having confidence and faith in your life’s journey.

It means feeling the sense of abundance that you KNOW you are supported, loved and cared for.

It shows up as a feeling that life moves FOR YOU in sweet, nurturing ways…

…Like new support networks of individuals showing up and honoring you.

…Like financial freedom to play with the finer things of life and paying it forward elegantly, instead of surviving day to day.

This is a proven program that, time and time again, has increased the pace and tempo of grace, well-being, and wealth for over 600,000 souls…and now IT’S YOUR TURN.

Tune in and join over 26 speakers, all of whom are vibrating at the highest frequencies of love and service, joining us each Tuesday and Thursday – absolutely free – with LIVE, HEALING WORKSHOPS, where YOU ask your personal questions and potentially receive personal healings, session work, activations, guidance and/or transformational advice.

Imagine spending time with Lynne Twist who worked closely with leaders like Mother Theresa, The Dalai Lama; then renowned healer Emmanuel Dagher; plus The “Miracle Worker,” Jo Dunning; and happiness expert Kari Samuels PLUS 20+ other speakers.

These workshop shows are SO LIVE that you can dial in, speak to and receive directly from our speakers about YOUR personal challenges.

Check out Jennifer’s personal and moving story of how this program helped her overcome the direst of life circumstances and changed HER life:

What are you waiting for?

Just CLICK HERE HEALING WITH THE MASTERS to register for free and the miracle of the exact healings that YOU need will unfold for you through this live, interactive program… I promise.

It already has for hundreds of thousands. Now it is your time.

AND, there is a week-long Epigenetics workshop where you can work directly with scientists and inventor Matt Riehman to hear how he cured himself of a terminal genetic disorder by turning off the bad genes and turning on the good genes.

There is so much more to say about this amazing event we don’t want to take your time here telling you about it. Check it out for yourself by clicking on this link: HEALING WITH THE MASTERS

JenniferMcLeanAbout Jennifer McLean: Founder of Healing With The Masters & Success Signature, Speaker, Author, Buiness & Spiritual Change Agent, Edge Pusher

In the spring of 2008 Jennifer started her now renowned Healing With The Masters series.

A part time healer for more than 18 years Jennifer matched her dichotomous careers as a marketing and business strategist AND her part time healing practice to create a unique business opportunity… using sound business practices to create an online health and wellness empire.

The ultimate goal is to act as a conduit and an amplifier to share her and others sacred inspirations and visions on a large scale to encourage and empower shifts in perception for increased global consciousness. Jennifer through McLean MasterWorks is committed to the growth and evolvement of those who interact with the company and its products and services… nurturing all of our unique human potential and creating forgiveness, release, financial abundance and joy along the way. McLean MasterWorks and Jennifer share new models of consciousness shining the light of “the art of life mastery” to all.

In of January 2006 Jennifer left O’Leary and Partners and devoted herself full time as a market communications strategist through the Nascent Group. She had overseen the public relations division for 4 years at O’Leary and has devoted more than 20 years to marketing communications. She joined O’Leary in November 2001 after serving as vice president of technology at Stanton Crenshaw Communications, a New York-based public relations firm, where she was responsible for launching their West Coast technology practice. Previously, Jennifer was a partner at a Portland, Oregon-based technology public relations firm and had worked for The Sun Publishing company for 10 years.

Throughout her marketing career Jennifer practiced as a trained healer using her own Body Dialog system of healing as well as craniosacral therapy and more recently The Reconnection. She applies these techniques through her MasterWorks Healing Membership site.

McLean MasterWorks is a force in the Human Potential Movement with its renowned sub-brands Healing With The Masters – a Teleseminar intensive that brings audience of  over 700,000 the best known leaders in spirituality and wellness offering solutions, tips and techniques for creating a higher vibrating and successful life.

McLean MasterWork also delivers the industry leading membership site MasterWorks Healing, delivering profound group coaching experiences with live weekly shows including Jennifer’s advanced Body Dialoging healing show 2 Saturdays a month.