Here’s How to Turn Your Worst Failures into Spectacular Success

Here’s How to Turn Your Worst Failures into Spectacular Success

1. Meditate on the Meaning of the Failure

Perhaps you knew it was coming, and were waiting for the blast through squinty eyes. Why? Dig deep and ask yourself why you were expecting the worst. Because you feel unworthy? Because you self-sabotaged with a half-baked attempt?

Gain insight into what this failure means for you – you may be surprised. It could be that your heart really isn’t in this and you need to move to a totally new venture. Or maybe your self confidence has been trashed by past experiences that you need to work through.

This failure was designed specifically for you. Use it as a guide to find out who you are, what you want, and how to get there.

2. Choose to Be Grateful for Your Failure

Get serious and write it down. Your brain is screaming I’m not thankful for a single thing in life right now, but get that pen out and push it anyway. Not only are there infinite blessings in every failure, but you have and endless stream of gratitude pent up inside you. Free it.

Start with the easy stuff. Fresh air, clean water, plenty of food. As you break past the grumbling barriers of your brain, the positive energy will flow and you’ll realize with so much beautiful clarity that you have every reason to be grateful, even in this time of so-called disaster. Even the disaster is worth being grateful for. It has purpose and meaning beyond your understanding and you have every reason to be pleased of it.

3. Make Friends with Failure

The point is not to give in, give up, or try and banish failure altogether; instead, strive to manage your experience, reactions, and coping strategies to ensure quick return to form if you run into it.

She’s the cruelest friend, but an enduring one. You can always count on a bit of failure to show up to the party. Face it: failure is waiting for you at every juncture. Even if you nail the interview or launch a successful business, sneaky old failure will be lurking in the background, industriously picking at the paint, writing customer complaints, and brewing up gossip.

So, if Mrs. F is always hanging around, you may as well befriend her. Ask her all the questions and learn all the secrets. Banish the fear and stigma surrounding failure, never allowing it to prevent you from pursuing your goals. Get comfortable, familiar, and friendly with failure, and she will be your most loyal companion. Keeping her on your turf means you’ll be ready for her tricks at all times.

4. Learn All You can from Your Failure.

You can be beat or you can be better. Your choice. It’s easy to retract from defeat, but this is a ripe and ready opportunity to gain insight into yourself, your situation, and your goals. Your greatest learning experience has arrived – free of charge.

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Source: Steven Aitchison