How I Triumphed over Stress and Changed my Life

How I Triumphed over Stress and Changed my Life

You’ve been there too haven’t you?

It’s 2 am. You keep tossing and turning. You feel that burning sensation in your chest, keeping you awake.

You dread what you must do tomorrow. You’re afraid of waking up

If you do, it means facing stress, again.

You wish you could control it, but it’s beyond your ability.

You can’t handle this anymore.

You tried everything experts told you. Meditation, exercise, a healthy diet. You tried finding comfort in others. You tried piling up your schedule to distract you from the stress.

It just doesn’t work. In fact, because it doesn’t work, it stresses you more.

Giving up is the only way you’ll be free, right? Success isn’t worth such a heavy burden.

Yes, it is.

Don’t throw away your dreams like Trash.

Are you really giving up because of a little tingle in your chest?


Everyone has setbacks. It’s how the world works. You’re not the only one constantly being punched in the mouth by life.

Stress is associated with everything we do. From Working from 9 to 5, to planning a trip to the Bahamas, there’s always something to stress about.

You can’t ease stress just by making a circle with your thumb and pointer finger, closing your eyes and listening to music. Everyone advises you to do it, so they obviously know, right?

Newsflash, they’re wrong.

Meditation has a short-term effect.


Because it’s a distraction from what you’re doing. Once the distraction is over, guess what?

You’re Stressed. Again.

Don’t get me wrong, zoning out is essential for your inner-peace, but let’s be honest. Interrupting yourself every time you feel a lick of stress kills your workflow.

Escapism is good only when it has an everlasting effect on you, not when it’s a distraction.

How to efficiently deal with stress?

You need to find the root and crush it once and for all.

The Frightening Origin of Toxic Stress

You are the the root of your stress.

Not the problems you face. Not the responsibilities you have.


No, I’m not telling you to crush yourself, but realize, stress isn’t some entity here to torment you. Your mind is what’s tormenting you, because we can create stress from anything.

‘Oh I forgot to water my new plant. What if it dies? I have to go buy another flower? I have a date later on this afternoon!’

Just one in a billion scenarios that can cause us stress.

But, it doesn’t end there.

Throughout our life, we continually jump from dream to dream.

This is known as the Exploration stage.

The Real Reason you aren’t prepared to Explore your Dreams

We want to be so many things. We explore our minds trying to find purpose.

It’s a beautiful time, but when circumstances get overbearingly tough, we usually bail.

I bailed more times than I can count.

Actually, it’s more brutal than that.

I gave up.

However, through complete failure, I finally found my purpose.

My dream.

I’m holding on to it for dear life, grinding until I bleed to achieve it.

What’s different this time? I built the foundation of my brazen dream.

I’m not talking about a mental foundation.

I’m talking about an emotional foundation.

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Source: Steven Aitchison