How to Be a Leader Worth Following

How to Be a Leader Worth Following

We live in a world where more true leaders are required.  People called to make a difference that are willing to get past their internal nonsense and stake their claim as leaders worth following.  Here are a few ideas for you to help you fit the bill and have the impact and influence you need, to follow your calling and make a difference.

1) Get Clear on What You Are Here to Do

Lots of people get stuck at this step because they get caught up in undisciplined thinking.  If you allow your mind to run riot, then you will give into thoughts of lack, fear, and uncertainty.  Ultimately, it will result in you not showing up in the arena where you would like to make a difference.   One thing I do daily to ensure that I show up confidently, is write down who I choose to be, what I choose to accomplish and what i choose to create.  I connect with my higher power each morning and write the above three things down.

I leave that 15-60 minute session feeling a lot more assured of who I am which then enables me to pass that clear energy onto the people I feel called to serve.

What simple practice could you implement daily that will get your mind focused on the day?

2) Let Go of Any Shame

You may have made mistakes in the past that make you feel shameful.  However those very same mistakes could be the reason that people will look to you for guidance.  It is the fact that you have lived life, made mistakes, overcome them and are still standing that can give people hope so do not allow internal shame about who you have been in the past, hold you back from showing up powerfully in the present.

Also, you may have some religious beliefs that make you feel like a worm as you are told frequently that there is something inherently wrong with you, such as being born bad and this beliefs will cause you to pull back from leadership as you may feel wrong and unable to lead yourself, how much more anyone else.

Know this – THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!  Stop looking for the flaws and choose to step up and make the difference you feel called to make.

3) Let Go of Unworthiness

You may feel that the vision you have for your life is way too …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison