How to Choose the Best Meditation App for You

How to Choose the Best Meditation App for You
Leo Carver

As a modern-day meditator, it can be hard to maintain your practice in the fast-paced, hustle and bustle of it all. Ultimately, it is best to cultivate a pure practice that relies on the simple pleasures of space and solitude. However, for those who cannot sit down to meditate without their iPhone, there are a few apps that you may find useful.

All apps are not created equal, so it’s smart to focus on the best qualities and features to look for in a meditation app to meet your needs.


This is the most basic feature to any meditation app. If you already have a practice that you follow, you may value an app that allows you to set your session time. The Chopra Center has a wonderful meditation app, called Ananda, which allows you to do just that. This is great for more advanced meditators. Many other meditation apps have programmed set time sessions that are intended to help you build your practice. Most of these pre-programmed sessions are no longer than 10 minutes, starting with some as short as two minutes. You may, of course, choose longer guided sessions, but these sort of meditations are normally geared towards those who have trouble sitting in silence for long periods.

They are normally categorized by the specific intention of your meditation. For example, in the popular app, Stop, Breathe & Think, you are given meditations based on activities. Some of these include ‘Gain Resilience’, ‘Be Kind’, ‘Breathe’, and ‘Sleep’. For those who are just starting to learn meditation, categories like this can be helpful and fun because they make it easy to focus your intentions. However, you are limited to the time allotted for the guided session.

Most meditators would agree that your practice benefits from flexibility. Some days you may want to go longer than usual, while others need just a few minutes of mindfulness. Be sure to check out the specifics of how an app deals with time before locking into one program.


Many meditation apps utilize sound to enhance your experience. There are apps that use chimes and Tibetan singing bowls, which are always a nice addition to meditation. Transcendental music or chanting can also be enjoyable. A good meditation app will incorporate these elements without being too distracting. The Ananda app provides great flexibility by allowing you to choose your sounds, creating the perfect background to fit your mood and the guidance of Dr. Chopra. You can also adjust the volume, which is an added bonus.

Other apps, like Calm, allow you to choose from a variety of soothing sounds, which can serve as meditations themselves. Sounds like thunderstorms, rain on leaves, and ocean waves can be picked to set the mood and intentions of your meditation. Just remember that when it’s all said and done, you want to tap into …read more
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