How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Amy KrasnerEveryone knows that eating healthy is easier to follow when you are in your normal daily routine. Making healthy food choices gets a lot harder when you are on vacation or traveling for work. Depending on where you’re traveling, you may not have many fresh food options. Additionally, if you stay in a hotel without a fridge or a mini-kitchen, you will most likely be eating out at restaurants all three meals a day.
While staying on track with your health can be more challenging when traveling, there are ways to create more balance in your travel routine. Instead of throwing all of your healthy habits out the window when you travel, it’s helpful to show up prepared so that you don’t have to constantly “get back on track” when you return home every time.
Maintaining some healthy eating habits when you travel will help to create more of a lifestyle approach instead of constantly being on a yo-yo schedule. Plus, you probably won’t feel as tired or bloated when you get back from vacation.
Here are some tips to boost your nutrition while you’re traveling and on-the-go:
Be Prepared With Snacks
At airports and on airplanes, you’ll mostly find processed and packaged snack items. Stock up on some healthier snack options before you leave like:
Granola (like Purely Elizabeth)
Raw trail mix (look for “raw nuts” that don’t have any added oils)
Dried fruits or fresh fruit
Kale chips
Plantain chips
Gluten-free crackers (like Jillz or Mary’s Gone Crackers)
Dark chocolate (>70% with …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra