How To Manifest Like A Reality-Bending Superhuman

Project YourselfBizarre success secrets of eccentric inventors & superhuman visionaries

An invitation from Inc. 500 entrepreneur & metaphysical explorer Amish Shah to join over 49,000 reality-bending superhumans.

How would your life change if you had the exact reality-bending ancient technologies used by the world’s most successful visionaries and spiritual leaders to elevate themselves and the world around them?

Did you know the famed inventor Nikola Tesla never once made love to a woman… because he believed in channeling all his sexual energy into his work?

Or that his bitter rival Thomas Edison would take multiple naps a day, not to recharge… but to achieve a particular state of consciousness known as hypnagogia, where inspiration and creativity dramatically swells?

Nope, neither did I…

Until I discovered that throughout history, many unusually successful people like Tesla and Edison have quietly (outside of the public and the media’s eyes) harnessed specific techniques that allow them to ‘bend’ reality…

And achieve what others may call impossible.

Think of it like the flashes of brilliance we taste when we successfully apply the Law of Attraction – except some of these ultra-successful people take it way, way further than most of us!

Fortune 500 entrepreneur metaphysical explorer Amish Shah calls this phenomenon ‘Reality Hacking’.

He’s spent almost two decades feverishly studying and applying it in his life… going from a broke kid in Jersey to a multi-millionaire Inc. 500 entrepreneur.

According to Amish, ANYONE can hack into reality and bend it… once they understand how to harness certain tools and ancient technologies known only to a select few.

And to prove it, he’s given you instant access to an online training session where he’ll show you the EXACT steps.

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Live long, love life and be well!



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Amish ShawAbout Amish Shaw:

Amish Shah describes himself as “an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur. An adventurer. A ‘Reality Hacker’. And a loving family man with a dream:

To empower you to shake off the disease of conformity…

To inspire you to reach for goals so big they terrify you…

And to open your eyes to who (and what) you really are.”

He also says “Whenever I flaunt my views on business, human potential and the universe… people either think I’m batshit crazy, or one of the most refreshing visionaries they’ve ever met.

But wherever the truth lies, I promise you this: you’ll get an electrifying new perspective on life every time you kick it with me.

Just be warned: I’m severely allergic to bullshit. So if you’re looking for wishy-washy, feel-good Hallmark advice, look elsewhere.

But if you’re looking for practical wisdom, and REAL, tangible change to the way you think, work, play and live… then I might just be your new best friend :-)

This is my story (and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing…)

I grew up in a broke family in New Jersey, selling newspapers and candy to get by.

As a teenager, I was passionate about entrepreneurship, and making money online.

But one thing led to another… I drifted down some murky streams… and ended up narrowly escaping jail time for illegal hacking.

It was around this turbulent period I found a new hobby: I became curious about the ‘unseen’ forces that quietly define our reality. From metaphysical science to quantum mechanics to planetary frequencies, sacred geometry and even lucid dreaming.

 And when I merged my two interests into one unified perspective… well that’s when things got a little crazy.

Age 17
– I owned two businesses and had my first out of body experience

Age 19
– I found my soulmate and got a $150k per year job

Age 24
– I got a $253,000 check from Google for just setting up and messing around with some websites

Age 25
– I made my first million dollars through affiliate marketing

Age 27
– I taught myself how to speed read

Age 28
– I held my first seminar that brought in over $800,000 in sales

Age 29

– I moved into a 5,000 sq. ft. house overlooking the ocean

– I did my first online marketing software launch that generated over $5 million in sales in under 7 days

Age 30

– I landed my company in the Inc. 500 as the 65th fastest growing private marketing company in the USA

Age 31

– I was severely depressed with all my fancy stuff

– I re-aligned with my purpose and began getting ‘downloads’ of intuitive wisdom and mind-blowing solutions as I meditated

– I started the world’s first Virtual Mobile App Incubator

Age 32

– I transformed my body by losing over 18 lbs and dropping over 100 points of cholesterol

– I founded Deep Origins a conscious media company

Age 33

– I sold my app company and started SEEF with my wife.  SEEF is a non-profit organization committed to digging up the secrets of ancient civilizations and archaeological sites to reveal the past and educate the world through exploration.

My purpose today is to share everything I’ve learned – and that I’m still learning every day – with a community of like-minded people.

So if you can sense there’s more to reality and human potential than meets the eye…

If you believe spiritual consciousness and material success are best when experienced hand-in-hand…

And if you want to squeeze out every ounce of juicy goodness from life… and give back in a big way…

Then this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”