How to Turn a Breakdown into a Breakthrough

How to Turn a Breakdown into a Breakthrough
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Daily life in today’s world can be crazy. Overwhelm and exhaustion are on the rise as endless to-do lists pile higher and higher with each passing day. Responsibilities pertaining to your career and family fall front and center, and can cause you to spin out of control and lose sight of the things that keep you grounded, focused, and balanced. Even though you’re holding things together by a thread, you may continue to suck it up and keep going until that doesn’t work anymore and eventually you pop.

In an ideal world, you create strategies for balancing out the energy and, let’s be honest, sometimes a legitimate breakdown is precisely what you need to break through to a new level of being, thinking, and doing. In fact, oftentimes your greatest gifts are revealed after you have fallen apart.

It’s no surprise that mental and emotional breakdowns are becoming a more common occurrence in today’s world, thanks to society’s glorification of busy-ness. Sadly, it’s become happy-hour mainstream to find yourself conversationally lamenting about how it’s near impossible to keep up with everything you have going on. You probably don’t enjoy being overwhelmed to the point of meltdown, or pushed beyond your limits until you come unglued—and yet you may continue to live your life in a way that perpetuates the very thing that’s bogging you down.

In the moment, it’s obvious you need to get a handle on things before you go boom. All too often that realization may not be enough motivation for you to do anything about it. Unfortunately, you may wait until the pressure of the outer world becomes so heavy it causes an internal explosion, and you go supernova. Cool as the metaphor may sound, that’s not an ideal circumstance, by any means. How is it that you manage to lose yourself so entirely even though the writing is on the wall?

Setting Boundaries

You may find yourself facing a mental or emotional breakdown when you are overwrought with stress, which can lead to anxiety and depression. In many cases, the stress is caused by a failure to enforce your boundaries on some level. If you trace back every time in the past when you have lost your marbles, it was likely due to an over-accumulation of imbalanced energy …read more
Source: Deepak Chopra

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