How to turn on your Aha! Factor before going on a date  

How to turn on your Aha! Factor before going on a date  

Preparing for a date, especially a first date can include a lot of details to consider right? What to wear, where to go, what you feel insecure about, and how things will ultimately turn out, are just a few of the concerns.

One great shortcut to support you while you take this exciting first step is to turn on your Intuitive senses, your Aha! Factor, to assist you in making decisions and guiding you along the way so you have a safe and fun time. And of course, if it is not the right person for you, your Aha! Factor will not hesitate to let you know!

Here are 3 simple steps to turn on your Aha! Factor so it can tune in and provide you with up to the minute guidance every step of the way.

Take a bath

If you can, take a hot salt bath prior to going out. Add Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda and favorite essential oil to the water and take a 20 minute bath. Water is an amplifier of intuitive energy and while you are in the bath you will breathe deeply as you relax. The deep breathing in combination with the water turns up your intuitive senses in a big way, while also clearing any negative doubts and fears away so you have an easier time of receiving accurate messages.

Choose your outfit with the help of your intuition

When choosing your clothes, ask your intuitive self the question: “What will showcase my true energy best for this date?” Then get quiet and contemplate your options. Touch each outfit briefly and tune into your body. Do you feel a sense of lightness and ease when you look at the outfit? Or do you feel indifferent, heavy or kind of low energy when you consider it?

When you take the time to do this, you may be surprised at the feelings you get. Remember your Aha! Factor can feel the energy of your date and you and will assist you in choosing the most flattering outfit for you based on a combination of your energy and theirs!

Cast a Glamour

On your way to your date, be sure to surround yourself with a beautiful ball of shimmering light. This is called an “energetic glamour.” Pick your color wisely.  White is good for protection and then you can mix in a romantic soft rose, iridescent pearlized colors or whatever feels right to you. Be careful with using red as it can attract a high sexual vibration and lead you into a physical connection without the emotional component. In the beginning, especially on a first date, stick with softer colors to create balance and a healthy attraction.

By envisioning your auric field in a beautiful hue of light you are actually presenting your personal energy to your date and easing any nervous tension.

And on another note, if you meet and you know that this is not the person for you, you can change the color of your auric field from an alluring color to something …read more
Source: Steven Aitchison